Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Friends for Life Mission


Well fam, my last email is finally here! I'm feeling about 10 different emotions right now, but the most prevalent one is gratitude. I will be forever grateful for the time I've had to serve as a full time missionary and representative of Jesus Christ in the Florida Ft. Lauderdale Mission. I'm grateful for my companions who have been patient with me and helped me to recognize the things that I need to change. I'm grateful for two wonderful mission presidents who have loved me and taught me. I'm grateful for my recent converts who have helped me to see how quickly you can come to love someone and being wonderful examples of giving things up to come unto the Savior. I'm grateful for the wards I've been blessed to serve in for their examples of service and for all they do to build the kingdom of God in their areas. I'm grateful for my family who have written me, prayed for me, and supported me. I'm grateful for the Savior, Jesus Christ, for willingly suffering pains He didn't deserve so that I do not have to suffer through them alone. I'm grateful for the Father's plan of continual progression and the Savior who is my trainer and motivator through all of the trials that come my way. I'm grateful for the beautiful and simple Gospel of Jesus Christ!

My last week has been a wonderful one. A couple weeks ago we knocked into a single-mother family who was not going to be able to afford Christmas gifts. We had the privilege of working with the ward to provide the family with a tree and some gifts and we got to help the mom wrap the gifts, which was a party! I just feel so much love for their family. We actually got to go back and teach them a lesson and it was wonderful. The kids (9,8, and 7) gathered around and helped us turn pages and answer questions. The gospel really is for everyone!

We got to have a Family Home Evening with the Tippetts family, Brunel, and John  (another recent convert in the ward). We had a great time playing charades, talking about the Plan of Salvation, and getting to know one another. Brunel requested that we sing "You Raise Me Up" as our closing hymn because that's his "Holy Ghost song." Brother Tippetts was really cool about it. I just love Brunel so much!

Last night we got to go to the temple with Brother Tippetts, Brunel, John, and Terry. All I can say is that I love the temple and Terry and Brunel did too. 

I had my last zone conference this week as well! Elder Foster, from the Quorum of the Seventy, came and addressed us. He made the point that when we talk to people, they don't really want to know about us. They want to tell us about them, and then that will lead to curiosity about what we believe. He really emphasized that missionary work (and the gospel) is always about THEM, not YOU. And when you think about it, isn't that exactly what the Savior taught?? We had a white elephant gift exchange at lunch. Sister Murdock ended up with a pair of Miami Heat socks and I got hand soaps that the next few sisters who live in my house will really enjoy haha.

Alvin is doing well and came to the ward Christmas party on Saturday. He's still pretty pumped about his baptism on the 23rd!

Also James, my recent convert from my first area, just moved to Ft. Laud. What are the odds??? So I got to see him this week. Tender mercies!

I went on an exchange with cute Sister Gonzalez on Friday in a Spanish area! Good thing I know about 3 sentences in Spanish haha. I prayed that we would meet people who spoke a little bit of English so I could help Sister Gonzalez, and when we were knocking we met like four part member families who fit that exactly! God is in the details, I tell you.

I love the Savior, I love my mission, and I love all of you!

See you soon!

Sister Peterson

Taking Christmas to that cute family :)

18 months!

The cake we had at our ward Christmas Party (It says Happy Birthday Lord)

Reunited with Sister Monson and Elder Krieger at MLC! Love them.

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