Monday, October 2, 2017

The Hurricane Madness Continues

Transfer week is crazy. This transfer week was coupled with another trip down to the keys, so literally everything was insane. Sister Monson and I are working hard here in Royal Palm and it's been fun. This week we were able to meet with Freddy and Darlyne a couple times and teach them about the temple. It reminded me of when we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and mentioned that they could be sealed together forever. Freddy turned to Darlyne and said, "You hear that, babe? We can be together forever." Darlyne gave him the sassiest look, but we know she's happy about it. Those two are still trying to get Darlyne divorced. It's made things a little more difficult with Freddy losing his job, because they need money for her to get divorced. Satan is throwing all sorts of things at them right now. Keep them in your prayers! We met with Freddy on Friday night and talked about the Priesthood and helped him catch the vision of being the priesthood holder in his home. He said the cutest prayer, just thanking God for "his sisters," the members, the gospel, and all he was learning. He ended his prayer by saying "We'll talk again soon." I loved that! First of all, my heart was so full of love and the Spirit. The gospel is amazing! Second of all, the thought that we'll talk to Heavenly Father again soon should always be our attitude. I'm learning so much from teaching.

Elder Thompson, our area Seventy, asked us to miss General Conference and go down to the Keys again. I was sad to miss conference, but happy to serve. President Garns is giving us four hours this week to catch up, then we have to wait until pday to watch the rest. We had a great weekend doing what the Lord would have been doing.

We got up at 3 AM on Saturday and drove over to a member's house so we could carpool down to Marathon. Little did we know, we were going to be riding in their 8 passenger van with every seat filled. Sister Monson and I squished in next to a brother in the ward and we were off. We finally arrived in Marathon at about 8 AM and we started our day! We spent a little time getting camp set up. The owners of the museum at the campsite were nice enough to open it again so the sister missionaries could stay there. Yay for AC!

We did a lot of outside work this weekend. It's amazing how many people's homes are still covered in trees, branches, seaweed, and other debris! I'm so grateful to be able to help where I can. On Sunday they sent our group down to Big Pine Key and we were able to clean up a few homes there. That's the area that the eye passed over when the hurricane first hit land here, and it was BAD. Trailers were flattened, homes were flattened, and there were downed trees everywhere! We helped one man shovel a thick layer of muck out of his garage and bring all his furniture out to be thrown away. I'm grateful we ended up there because there's no way he could have done it by himself. He was saying that he'd only lived in the Keys about two years and he definitely wasn't rebuilding there. We also helped a woman who had a collapsed fence, tons of seaweed, a refrigerator, and a hot tub in her back yard. The funny thing was, the hot tub wasn't even hers! That and a desk had blown in from someone else's house! Hurricanes are cray.

I have begun reading the war chapters in Alma. I especially love reading about Captain Moroni and contrasting him to Amalakiah. Captain Moroni is appointed to be the chief captain and he leads in righteousness. Amalakiah achieves leadership by trickery and crime, then uses hate to stir the people up to anger against the Nephites. I feel like Satan often uses the same tricks as Amalakiah to confuse us or make us lose sight of who we are. It's our job to follow the example of Moroni and remember who we are and what we're fighting for. 

I'm thoroughly exhausted, but excited for this upcoming week. Miracles loading!

Sister Peterson

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The new District!

Us with the Garns

Keys life-this is where the water came up to!!

As close to the ocean as we could get

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