Monday, October 23, 2017

Let the Lower Lights be Burning


This week Sister Monson and I decided to break out of our normal ways of finding people to teach. We decided to spend time in parks talking to people. One day we took chalk and drew the Plan of Salvation, then invited people to come see and told them a little about God's plan for us. We also advertised for our ward party. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but it was so fun! I loved talking to people in a different way and creating opportunities for Heavenly Father to lead people to us.

We found another family this week! The Henry family, from Jamaica. Well, Terrence and Erica are from Jamaica, but their daughter Jessica was born here. They met missionaries several months ago and remember feeling so loved when the sisters were there, so they let us come back! Terrence and Jessica are especially receptive and really seeking to know if what we say is true. Erica is nice, but she seems pretty content in her own church. We're excited to keep teaching them and helping them prepare for baptism!

Freddy and Darlyne are on track for baptism. This week we found out that to get married in the state of Florida, you have to have four hours of marriage counseling. Well, there's two problems with that. 1) They don't have a way to get anywhere, and 2) they don't have any money. Luckily there's a member in Davie who used to be in the mission presidency who was willing to help us out. He's certified to do the marriage counseling, and he said that as long as we've been focusing on families than our visits count as 3 hours of the counseling. He was kind enough to drive all the way up to Royal Palm to visit them in their home and teach them about "The Family, A Proclamation to the World" for the last hour. Freddy and Darlyne already knew all of the things he was trying to teach them and I was just so proud. I love them! Please pray that Darlyne's divorce will go through quickly so they can be baptized on November 11th!

On Friday we did an exchange with the sisters in Port St. Lucie so I got to spend the day with Sister Wingert! We had a super fun time visiting Freddy and Darlyne, then going out to Loxahatchee. Loxahatchee is straight Florida wilderness. We were knocking and ended up meeting a man who gave us Gatorade then traded us a little comic book made by his church for a pass-along card. The things people give you as a missionary!

Our phone broke and when we got a new one we were told that they don't make slide phones anymore, so we were downgraded to a flip phone. Texting has been interesting. This week a member told us he could come to a lesson with us and we tried to respond, "Awesome! We will be teaching about missionary work tonight." But accidentally typed, "Hydrone! We will be teaching about missiocry work tonigu." So it's been a wild few weeks haha.

I just wanted to share a quick thought with you all :) This week as we were driving "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy" came on and I remembered a District Training I had way back in my second transfer. That song was written about a certain bay where boats came in to dock. There were many rocks and it was treacherous. Many ships had sunken and crews drowned in this bay. The reason was because the lower lights often went out. Lighthouses have the main light, and then one or two lower lights. In order to sail safely into harbor, the sailor must line up the main light and the lower lights, then he is safely on course. When the lights go out, he is left to guess and this often resulted in sunken ships. Elder Heath likened this unto us as missionaries. We being the lower lights, and the main light being the Savior. Our job is to lead people safely home by aligning ourselves with the Savior and continually shining. This is true of missionaries, but I also think it's true of every member of the church. We have the truth. We have the light. We have to make sure we are in line with Christ and always shining to help everyone we meet come unto Him. Remember, "some poor fainting, struggling seaman, you may rescue, you may save."

I love you all!

Sister Peterson

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