Monday, October 9, 2017

Back to Normal...ish

Hi fam! 
It looks like we're finally done with the crazy proselyting-week days, service weekends thing. So this week we got to spend the whole week working in our area! We've kind of been all over the place and crazy all the time, but that's pretty much the norm for us. Being a missionary is great haha.

We met with Freddy and Darlyne a couple times. Freddy's been out of work and the family is really struggling, so a member of our ward took Freddy to work for him for the day doing mold remediation (that's a big business here in humid-land). Ten minutes into the first job Freddy was carrying a huge vase, tripped, and to protect the vase let it land in his hands. He busted his fingers open really badly and is now out of commission for the next little while. Satan is literally working every angle with them! But they still came to church and we've got a temple tour set up with them for Saturday! I also realized that November 11 is 3 days after transfers and I probably won't stay in Royal Palm for 4 transfers, so pray for a miracle that they can get baptized earlier!!

We're having the unique experience of teaching an excommunicated man who wants to be rebaptized. He chose to be excommunicated when he was younger because he wasn't living the commandments and didn't want to misrepresent the church. He's expressed a desire to come back to us, the bishop, and his home teachers, so now we're finally getting the ball rolling! It feels kind of weird to teach the lessons to somebody who already knows this stuff, but if you think about it everyone we teach once knew this stuff.

We had MLC (mission leadership council) on Friday, so we got to go to the mission home and see all our other leadership homies. The training was mostly about being Christlike leaders. I really liked a story that President Garns shared about his brother in law. He got a call from President Hinkley when he was called to the Seventy. He had never served in prominent leadership callings, so he was really nervous. He expressed his concerns to President Hinkley and the prophet asked him one question,
"Can you travel around and uplift and inspire the saints?" 
"Yes, I can do that."
"Then you're qualified."

I love that exchange! As leaders, our job really is just to uplift and inspire those in our stewardship. Sister Monson and I have been talking about how we can better do that and we have some great plans up our sleeves. I can't wait to tell you all about them as we put them into action!

This morning I read in Alma about the Stripling Warriors and Captain Moroni preparing to go to war. Although I love the story of the Stripling Warriors, what really caught my attention was the epistles between Moroni and Ammoron. Moroni writes his letter in anger, but he expresses that his army will not attack the Lamanites if they will retreat. The Nephites are only fighting to protect themselves. Ammoron, on the other hand, writes that they are trying to conquer or destroy the Lamanites because their fathers robbed them of the right to rule. When you look at those reasons, the Lamanites seem so petty! The Nephites understand that what really matters is God and family. Those are the things that last. I love that!

Yesterday we were running around like crazy. It came to the point that we had to decide to either eat dinner or get a full hour of knocking. We decided to knock and ended up meeting a family that we got to teach! From the moment they opened the door, the husband was really interested and the wife was not. They invited us in, though, and we felt strongly that we needed to teach them about the Restoration. The Spirit was incredibly strong the whole time and the whole family was listening so intently! Sadly, they would not accept a solid return appointment, but I know they felt the Spirit and whether they call us or not, they will not forget what they felt or the ideas we shared.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Peterson

A couple pics from MLC

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