Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hello! This week was good and crazy! We started to have people ask us to pray for Irma and I was like, "Who?" Well, Hurricane Irma is predicted to hit us this Saturday. It's currently a category 5, so I'm praying really hard that it will turn back to the ocean. In case you are interested, here's the first things that sell out when there's a hurricane coming:

1. WATER. Bottled, jugs, it doesn't matter. It's gone.
2. Bread.
3. Peanut Butter.
4. Canned food. Soups, fruit, the only thing that doesn't really sell out is vegetables. #Merica
5. Gas.

All of those things make sense, but it's still a little startling to walk down an aisle at Walmart and see completely barren shelves! Don't worry, the Lord blessed us to get what we need since our shopping is limited to pday.

Freddy and Darlyne are doing really well! They came to church again this week and a couple of the members directed their testimonies to them, so that was pretty cool. Darlyne is meeting with a court representative tomorrow to discuss her divorce. We are praying for a miracle because she needs to get divorced so she and Freddy can get married so they can both be baptized next Saturday. Yeah, major prayer and fasting has been going on over here. I love seeing how their testimonies are growing! Darlyne asked us when we both go home and got all upset. Freddy turned to her and said, "It's okay, after we're baptized we won't need the sisters to teach us everything. We'll have the Spirit!" I just love seeing that he's truly becoming converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, not to us. We're trying to swing a temple tour with them this Saturday, so the hurricane needs to move on over.

Last week when I was on an exchange with Sister Johnson we met a woman named Adrienne. She really enjoyed the prayer we said for her, so she invited us back. This week Sister Monson and I headed over and were met at the door by Adrienne's husband. He invited us in and they were both so hospitable and kind! It's a little unusual for both spouses to be interested and welcoming to us, so I was blown away. We had a really good discussion about the Restoration where they felt the Spirit very strongly. I'm excited to teach them more!

I got to go up to Stuart for an exchange with Sister Callister. She's so funny! She's got tons of energy and new ideas. We got to do service at a place called "House of Hope" and sort cans. We met a man whose nametag just said, "Mr. Ed." Well, we struck up a conversation and were able to teach him a little about the church. Pretty cool!

Elder Krieger, our district leader, gave us a comp study on Confidence and Pride. I've been thinking that the main difference between the two lies in selfishness. Pride is putting your trust in yourself, while confidence is putting your trust in God. I know who I would rather trust in-God can truly make more of you than you can ever dream. You just have to let Him.

We may have pday next Friday, it will all depend on the hurricane. But until then, I love you all and the Gospel is true!

Sister Peterson

Exchange with Sister Callister!

We literally caught 4 lizards in our house this week. I'm basically a professional at this point.

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