Monday, August 7, 2017

Twinning is Winning

Well, the theme of this week was people telling Sister Cottrell and me that we look related and act the same. We had at least 5 strangers ask us if we were real sisters, Sister Garns asked us at interviews, and then a brother in our ward asked how long we've been comps because we talk and move our hands the same. So basically I'm comps with myself. Holla! I seriously love Sister Cottrell so much and doing the work with her is a joy.

We had interviews and MLC (mission leadership council) this week, so I got to know President Garns better. He is a very inspired man! He wants to shift the focus of our mission from "find, teach, baptize, retain, and reactivate," to "teach repentance and baptize converts." It's always a little weird when changes are made, but I'm so excited to see how this changes the mission. President Garns is definitely the mission president we need right now to help the FFLM grow and progress. He's very tender and he teaches in a way that allows us to teach ourselves. He's so inspired!

So...every investigator I wrote about last week dropped us this week. June accepted a Book of Mormon in Chinese, then kindly told us that she wants to learn at her own pace and she'll call us when she wants us to visit. I know that the Lord is preparing her and she will be baptized one day, but I'm grateful I was able to meet her and plant a seed. We tried to get Rachel and Zan's parents involved, but they just wouldn't do it. Rachel and Zan are too young to do this on their own right now, but one day they'll be able to embrace the gospel!

That being said, we are teaching the coolest couple ever! Last week the Spanish elders passed us a referral for Freddy and Darlyne, and we have been teaching them all week. They are so elect! Freddy has never really been in church, but he's loving feeling the Spirit and told everyone at church that he's getting baptized. Darlyne grew up Catholic and Christian and really misses feeling connected with God. She loved church even though it was very different from anything else she's experienced.  They have two little kids, a 4 year old named Jaylene and a 3 year old named Freddy. Right now we're working on helping them get married. They've been together for 5 years, but Darlyne is technically still married to her husband that she hasn't seen for 10 years, so she and Freddy can't tie the knot. She really wants to get divorced and they really want to get married and baptized, so I know the Lord will provide a way. I am so grateful to be teaching them! The light the gospel has already brought into them is amazing to see. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so powerful! Repentance is changing from an unhappy person to a happy one! I love the gospel!

I had the opportunity to go on a full day exchange with Sister Wingert in Port St. Lucie. That is the most northern area in the mission, so that was an adventure! Sister Wingert came out about a year ago and went home, so now this is her first transfer back. It's cool to see how she's taking this opportunity to serve so seriously. It reminded me that it really is a privilege to be on a mission. She will do great things! I'm pretty sure that I was assigned to be an STL purely because Heavenly Father needed me to learn things faster, because I am learning so much every single day!

One more thing Sister Cottrell and I have in common is our love for Dr. Pepper. We had to drive up to Stuart to do a fire exchange (knocking doors for an hour) with the sisters, so we planned our day while sitting in a McDonalds. We obviously drank Dr. Pepper at the same time. It was so delicious, but right after that we went and knocked for an hour at 1 PM in Florida heat. I actually almost died/threw up, so I probably won't be combining Dr. Pepper and knocking again haha. You live and you learn!

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and share the gospel!

Sister Peterson

Sister Wingert!
MLC // the sass is too real

Somebody gave us these Brazilian gospel CDs while knocking and this picture basically describes our relationship.
Our favorite thing that's written on the whiteboard in the bishop's office. U GOT REKT!

Skirts and pants #emailing 

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