Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bye Sister Cottrell

Dear Fam,

Hello!  It was the last week of the transfer, so it's been a good and crazy week. Sister Cottrell flies home on Thursday, and I'll be staying in Royal Palm Beach. My new companion will be Sister Monson! I've never served around her, but I've heard good things. This is her first transfer as an STL, so I'll be training her. What? I've been doing this for 12 seconds! But it's cool.

Freddy and Darlyne are so wonderful! We taught them about the Word of Wisdom on Wednesday and they accepted it right off the bat. They've both smoked, drank coffee, and had alcohol for most of their lives, but it's almost like they knew this was coming. They gave us their coffee and tea, poured out their alcohol, and made a plan for quitting smoking right then and there. It's amazing to see the faith they have! Especially Freddy, who has never been religious but now just craves the Spirit. They've changed so much since we met them two weeks ago. I know that God has been preparing them for a long time to receive the gospel and I'm so grateful that I get to teach them! They weren't able to come to church on Sunday, so now they're praying about a new baptismal date. Gosh I love them!

We're still teaching Jackie, but there's not to update with her. She found out on Tuesday that her husband's cancer is back and he has 1-2 years left with treatment. That was really hard on her, so we talked about God's love and putting on the armor of God. She asked for a little space this week, so we're hoping to meet with her again soon :)

We went on exchanges with the West Palm Beach sisters, so I got to bring Sister Langarica to Royal Palm for a day of craziness. We visited a woman I met when I was on an exchange with Sister Tilby clear back in February and she remembered me! So I guess missionaries make a bigger impression than I'd thought. We also got to teach a woman named Cindy about the Restoration, but she left for Canada today and doesn't know when she'll be back, so hopefully we'll see her soon!

We had the first Zone Conference with President Garns and it was wonderful! President Garns is really shifting the focus of our mission onto following the Spirit with exactness and tailoring the Gospel to every person's needs. I've been working on talking to every person differently and giving them every opportunity to feel the Spirit and it's been really cool to feel Heavenly Father working through me. President Garns is definitely inspired!

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Sister Peterson

Oh, I forgot to tell you that WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! We're not sure how often yet, but President and Sister Garns have changed the rule so we'll get to go with our zones every so often. I'm pumped!!

Exchanges with cute Sister Langarica

We played a volleyball and clearly our arms weren't up to the challenge.
I caught a lizard from behind our toaster. Only in Florida.

Love you, Dad!

Zone conf!

Coffee and Tea given up by our favorite couple

Freddy, Darlyne, Macho, and Jaylene. Love them!

I saw the Mendenhalls again :)

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