Monday, August 21, 2017

#2 in Royal Palm Beach

My dearest family,

Hello! This week has been so full of craziness. On Wednesday I said goodbye to Sister Cottrell and I may have cried. I love that girl so much! God definitely blessed me with a wonderful companion last transfer who became my best friend. She's now home in AZ! My new companion is Sister Monson. She is tenth cousins with President Monson, so she's basically a celebrity. She's from Saratoga Springs and she's super sweet and calm. I'm sure she'll help me to mellow out after how crazy last transfer was. 

We were able to see Freddy and Darlyne a couple times this week and I just love them so much! On Monday night we talked to them a lot about faith and counseling with the Lord, since they're trying to pick a baptismal date and they're just so stressed trying to get Darlyne divorced. We were able to bring Bishop over to their house and he blessed it, since apparently two people died in their house and they've been seeing some things...They also both got priesthood blessings and then Darlyne asked Bishop to bless all her kids. The Spirit was so strong and they definitely felt it!

Drama went down Saturday night when Darlyne texted us to say that they couldn't come to church because Freddy and Macho had been throwing up all day. We were so sad, but then Darlyne texted us saying that they were definitely coming. She called and explained that Freddy had felt something push him and he went out the door and almost fell down the stairs! They were really freaked out, so we prayed with them and talked about how God is more powerful than Satan and we have the power to cast those things out of our lives. The whole situation made them decide to come to church no matter what so that they could have the Spirit with them this week. It was crazy, but it was also kind of a miracle. When they left church yesterday Freddy said, "When are you sisters coming over again?" and we told him Monday. He said, "Aw. Why can't it be sooner?" I love this family so much and I can see how God has been preparing them for the gospel.

It hit me this week that I only have 3 transfers left. WHAT??? Anyway, I'm so grateful for the gospel and this time I have to be a missionary. It's so special to wear Christ's name on my chest and know that I represent Him above myself. There's a line in preach my gospel that says that the missionary setting apart can be taken literally-a setting apart from all things vulgar, crude, and worldly. It's an opportunity to rise to a higher standard. I love that promise and direction. I'm grateful for the time I still have to focus all my efforts on sharing Christ's beautiful gospel.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Peterson

Me and Sister Monson

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