Monday, July 3, 2017

Red, White and Baptisms

Hi Fam!

Happy Fourth of July! How grateful I am for the sacrifices that the early settlers made and that Heavenly Father prepared our country so the gospel could come forth. The biggest news I have is that we got a new mission president this week! His name is President Garns and we will meet him on Tuesday. I love President and Sister Richardson so much, but I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for the FFLM with President and Sister Garns.

Here's a quick update on our gators:
LAURA: She's doing really well! She's been taught almost everything now, but wasn't able to come to church on Sunday. We had to push back her date so now she's being baptized on the 15th!

YUVI: Our miracle gator last week! Turns out she works 6 12 hour days so we really struggled trying to meet with her. She's going to text us this week when we can meet.

CARMEN: She came to church again! She's progressing slowly but steadily. We're just trying to teach her as much as we can before she leaves for Oregon.

CATHY AND PHILLIP: Ah, you don't recognize these names? That's because they're our newest gators! Last night we were knocking an apartment complex that we'd scouted out earlier in the week. It was actually a really weird place. We prayed with someone that neither Sister Johnson nor I could tell if it was a man or a woman. We still don't know, but the feeling there was so weird that I declined the offer for Dr. Pepper and we went down to the next floor. It was there that we met Phillip. We prayed with him and he actually cut me off mid-prayer by saying his own amen. We knocked a few more doors and then a woman came over to us, introduced herself as Phillip's wife, and asked us to come back and pray with her. Of course we said yes! She's been really struggling and has been asking God to send her some sort of sign that He is still there. We were able to teach her and Phillip about the Restoration and they're really excited to pray and find answers for themselves. So even though the place was weird, I know we found who we were supposed to.

This week I studied the chapters in Mosiah where Zeniff is describing what happened after they left Zarahemla. I noticed that he was making comments about himself being "overzealous" to inherit the land of his fathers, and other things that suggest he may have written this after seeing the consequences. Hindsight really is 20/20, but just like with Zeniff, I know that if we humble ourselves, repent, and go forth "in the strength of the Lord' then we will find success. Heavenly Father loves each of you so much and so do I!

Sister Peterson

My Haitian Mami dress from Carmen. I love it so much! (I can feel you wincing, mom)

Sister Muniz really wanted to put my flip flop magnets on my toes.

When the Zone Leaders give you a comp study.

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