Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Leaving Boca

Hi Family!

Well, this has been the craziest, longest week ever, but in a good way. Sister Johnson and I worked so hard and we saw a lot of success, but we ended this week by finding out that we will both be leaving Boca this transfer. Sister Johnson will be going to Palm Beach North, and I will be going to Royal Palm Beach to be a Sister Training Leader! I was blown away when President Garns called me last night. This means that I will now be going back to the house that I lived in when I was in Wellington and attend the same church building. It's all a little crazy, humbling, and hard to take in, but I'm excited to be able to see the members I love in Wellington again and to get to know the members in Royal Palm Beach! Also, Guido got baptized last week!!!

We had the chance to meet President and Sister Garns this week at a special conference on the 4th of July. They both seem very sweet and very spiritual. They're definitely very different than the Richardsons, but I'm excited to see where they take the FFLM :) For everyone who's wondering, there's been no changes to music yet. President Garns did change that our investigators need to attend church 3 times before being baptized now, instead of 2. After the conference we had time to knock and then have an awesome 4th of July house party! We showed Sister Muniz what Americans are like as we wore our silly headbands and ate hot dogs, then played with glow sticks :)

We had a little incident last Monday night where Sister Muniz fell and ended up spending the night in the emergency room. I was so worried about her, but after the elders came and gave her a blessing we all felt better. She was back to normal by Wednesday, and I was reminded that the power of the Priesthood is so real. I'm so grateful for the sisters I lived with this transfer. They have all become my best friends and I'm grateful the Lord let us spend 7 weeks together :)

All of our investigators but Carmen dropped us this week (or, in other words, they told us they didn't want to meet with us anymore). That meant we had lots of time for finding and we ended up finding a golden couple! We were knocking some nice town homes and a lady came out and semi-kindly asked us to leave. We really felt like we needed to be there, so we drove to the other side of the place and kept knocking. We ended up meeting a girl named Katherine, and she invited us in. We were able to teach the Restoration and she loved it. She told us that her fiance is from SLC and that she'd like us to meet him. We went back a couple nights later and had an awesome lesson with both of them and Logan (her fiance) told us that they've discussed it and they want to be "LDS or nothing." It's cool to look back to the night we met Katherine and see how God directed us to go to that area, and then redirected us through the manager so we would be in the right spot. So that was pretty cool! We're excited to see how they do with Sister Almeida and Sister Cohen, who will be taking our place. :)

I have absolutely loved my time in Boca and the wonderful experiences I've had here with Sister Johnson. I feel like what I most learned this transfer was how to put my full heart into the work again. I love the people of Florida and the chance that I have to serve them. They will never know how much they've impacted me, but I will always be grateful to them and to the Lord. I know the Lord has a plan for each one of His children and I love His gospel.  Jesus Christ lives and this is His Gospel! Never forget that.

I love all you awesome nerds.

Sister Peterson
Celebrating 'Merica

House picture!

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