Monday, June 12, 2017

Rain + ONE YEAR!

We had sooo much rain this week! It basically rained for three days straight. It was so fun to tract through puddles us to mid-calf and then see people's faces when we knocked on their door. This one guy just opened the door and said, "Seriously? In the rain?" I said back, "Of course! The Lord's work never stops." He didn't think that was very funny, but I did. The weather did make for some interesting experiences, though. Every night Sister Johnson and I came home and put our shoes in front of the fan and then prayed really hard they'd be dry in the morning. Usually they were, so #blessed.

On Tuesday night we realized we were below half a tank of gas (during hurricane season we are supposed to make sure we're never below a half tank), so we went to the closest gas station. While I was waiting for Sister Johnson in the bathroom I started talking to this guy who was waiting in line to use the bathroom (literally there's never a time that missionaries won't talk to someone. On the phone? Yep. Getting gas? Yep. Waiting in line to use the bathroom? You betcha.) Anyway, I gave him a card and then he asked when we could meet. I was a little confused, but he told me that he met elders a couple years ago and wanted to learn more. Inspired pit stop!

Carmen had an estate sale this past weekend so we did a lot of work to help her prepare. We made 32 signs for advertising and helped her sort things to put out. Let me tell you, she has a ton of stuff! We were getting really frustrated because we'd go help her and then we wouldn't be able to have a lesson because we ran out of time. We stopped by on Saturday night after her sale ended to talk about the Sabbath Day. She told us that she's been feeling a little voice inside her telling her to come to church and that the things we teach her are right. We explained that that was the Spirit and then invited her to be baptized! She accepted and now she's feeling the Spirit more and more. She's moving back to Oregon on the 28th and her date for baptism is the 24th, so we're praying about whether she should be baptized here or in Oregon. I love her so much! She says the most beautiful prayers now-when I first met her she always started, "Dear God, IF you're there..." and now she just starts talking to Him. It's wonderful!

We had the opportunity to meet a very friendly atheist woman yesterday. She initially told us that we caught her at a bad time (she had literally just pulled into her driveway) but she let us help her carry in her groceries. We brought them in, complimented the pictures of her grandchildren, then proceeded to talk with her for 40 minutes. She definitely didn't accept the gospel, but we were able to testify to her and plant a seed. I think sometimes Heavenly Father sends us to people just so He can remind them that He loves them. Some missionaries may say that meeting her was a waste of time, but to me it's a testimony that Heavenly Father is mindful of and loves all His children.

I read Words of Mormon this week and studied a bit more about the background of the book. For some reason, it really stood out to me that he really abridged the plates. He physically rewrote everything that we have. Remember that Jacob told us in his book that he would only write a few things because of the difficulty of engraving upon the plates. To me, that means that everything we have from Mormon's abridgment is vitally important, especially because he points out that he is abridging according to the Spirit and the understanding he has gained from God. I think I will appreciate every word a little more with that in mind. The Book of Mormon was written and brought forth for us by great sacrifice on the behalf of many. How grateful I am for all those who sacrificed so I can have guidance.

Also, I heard from Rosa this week and Kyle got baptized on Saturday!! I so wish I could have been there, but I'm just so happy for their family!

con mucho amor,
Sister Peterson


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