Monday, June 5, 2017

Livin La Vida {en} Boca

So, this week was super fun. Sister Johnson and I bonded and I love her so much! She's basically the nicest person ever, guys. No really. I had this super sunken in mattress and the mission brought me a new one this week and she took her journal time to help me make my bed. How nice is that? She's awesome. We also live with the Portuguese sisters, Sister Tilby and Sister Muniz. I lived with Sister Tilby before and I love her so much! Sister Muniz is from Brazil and we're basically best friends. She cracks me up! Her favorite phrase is "super cute."

But enough about that. Boca is so fun! We had crazy rain this week so we were constantly wet. My grandma shoes are not holding up super well in the weather, BUT We were able to meet with most of our investigators this week! So here's the lowdown:

La familia Vasquez: our miracle family from last week! We had a lesson with them this week and the Spanish Elders invited themselves to come with us. They took over the lesson and the next thing we knew, they were not our investigators anymore. The Elders are teaching them now. The family is doing really well though! The girls have been reading the Book of Mormon and the mom, Iris is so sensitive to the Spirit! We're not exactly sure how the whole teach/baptize situation is going to pan out because the younger girls don't really speak or understand Spanish and that's the language the Elders teach them in. They came to church on Sunday and Iris went to the Spanish sacrament meeting, but her girls went to the English ward classes. So basically this situation is super confusing but the Vasquez family is cool.

Linda: We had two appointments fall through with Linda this week, so we were a little worried. She ended up coming to church for fast and testimony meeting! Sister Johnson and I were nervous because you never know what people will say, but the meeting was very spiritual. Afterwards I asked Linda how she felt and she kept saying, "I was so moved." We explained that she can have that feeling always and she accepted to be baptized on the 24th of this month! Yay Linda!

Carmen: She's really struggling. She's scared of her roommate, but she's seen so many miracles since she started investigating the church. We had a really great talk about faith and repentance and she's committed to keep learning and growing her faith!

Shelley: Shelley is a less active member that the Portuguese Elders knocked into last week. She recently divorced her Muslim husband and she wants her son to be involved with our church. She called us on Saturday and asked to meet with us! That is the first time on my mission that somebody has called and asked to meet. She came to church on Sunday, stayed all three hours, and loved it! We're so excited to help her come back and to teach her son!

I have studied a lot about faith this week. The scriptures tell us that whatsoever thing we ask in faith, we will be given, right? But Heavenly Father doesn't always give us what we ask for. I looked up faith in the bible dictionary and found that in order for faith to be real, it must be in something true (the phrase ""true faith"" comes to mind). When our desires aren't truly in line with His will, He can't give us what we ask for. I know that when we focus on developing our faith in the Savior and growing our trust in Him that God will be able to answer all of our prayers. 

Well, I could go on and on but I'll spare you all :) I love you! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Peterson

The District. We're all nerds.


There was just an Aston Martin in our parking lot. It's fine.

Our house! I love living with Sister Tilby again :)

Getting ready for bed.

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