Monday, May 8, 2017

Working Harder than Satan

Hello everyone!

This week has been a little rough. Satan is working so hard on our investigators, the people of Wellington, and us! The good news is that with the Gospel we can always find a reason to be glad. Even if someone yells at you, you can still say, "Well, at least Jesus Christ lives," and that sort of puts things in perspective.
The Mogni family is doing great! Rosa is on track to be baptized this Saturday!!! We had some awesome lessons this week, including one where Bishop McDougal came with us and we spontaneously had a lesson on faith and read Alma 32. Guido related so much to the verse about when you can no more than have a desire to believe. The scriptures are for us, folks! The whole family came to Stake conference and the visiting authority, Elder Antionne Parker, was awesome! He was so bold. He invited everyone there that was not a member to be baptized, then he had all the priesthood holders stand up and said that any of them would be honored to baptize them. The Spirit was crazy strong! We took the Mognis up to meet him after the meeting and they shook his hand. After we walked away Guido asked if he could go back to ask him a question. I'm not sure exactly what he asked, but he gave Guido his number and told him to call him after he read 3 Nephi 11. Super cool! Guido is coming around. The Spirit is working on him slowly and steadily.
Other than teaching the Mognis we mostly just knocked and tried to visit people who said yes to a prayer any time in the last 4 years, or who used to investigate the church. Not one person would sit down and talk with us. It was definitely a trial of faith. We kept working hard and when we visited a woman who had requested a bible, we had an amazing lesson. Mindy was telling us that she was confused about why there are so many different versions of the bible and we were able to teach her about the Restoration. By the time we were finished she asked if she could come teaching with us. MIRACLES!

In working so hard against the Adversary this week, I want to share something I came across in 2 Nephi 28:20-22. Nephi describes three tactics that Satan uses to pull us away from Heavenly Father. The first is stirring up our hearts "to anger against that which is good." That might mean feeling too frustrated to pray or read the scriptures, or any contention between you and someone else. The second is to "lull away into carnal security" the children of God. He does this by spreading the mentality of "all is well in Zion!" Believing nothing is ever wrong can totes harm us, folks. We have to work against Satan! The third is the lie that there is no hell and there is no devil. Satan uses flattery, or making things seem more attractive than they are, to confuse us. But he is evil and he is very real. Don't you forget it! God works line upon line, but Satan also works line upon line. He slowly and steadily leads us away from the light we have until we are in total darkness. I know that when we are aware of what he is doing it is easier to resist his pull and follow the Savior! That is where true happiness lies. Take the opportunity every day to seek His light. I know He is waiting to give it to you.
I love you all!
Sister Peterson
We were playing soccer last week and I saw a rock moving. I ran over and saw that it was a giant turtle! I obviously picked it up.

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