Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference and Lions

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I'm not going to lie, I just wanted to feel like President Uchtdorf for a minute. But speaking of the apostles, I absolutely loved General Conference! It's such an amazing blessing that members of the church around the world can come together to hear from our living prophet and apostles! I particularly loved the talk by Gary M. Sabin where he talked about his dad. I loved the line he quoted from his father when he offered to get him a wheelchair at the airport, "Maybe when I get old. Besides, if I get tired of walking I can always run!" I can't even express how much I love that! I want to be adopt that outlook. I want to be standing up on the inside :) If you missed that talk, WATCH IT. It's so good!

We had an OYMing competition in our zone this week (OYM=open your mouth, so basically street contacting). Sister Cohen and I went super hard! Nobody escaped from us! We ended up winning the competition but the coolest part was the miracles we saw from it. We met a woman who was sweeping her driveway (?) and invited us in because her brother in Trinidad rents an apartment to the elders! We went up to talk to one shirtless young man getting his mail and ended up having a 45 minute discussion about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! This week has reminded me that Heavenly Father puts people in our paths and it's our job to seize that opportunity when it comes.

Julian is doing awesome! He's really excited for his baptism and we're going to the temple with his family on Thursday! Sister Christiansen has never been and she's so excited it's insane. An amazing change has taken place in their home over the last couple weeks. You can feel the Spirit there and it just feels like such a happy place now! Sister Christiansen is so much happier and it's so fun to see Julian come out to meet us with his Book of Mormon and Bible in hand :) Gosh I love the gospel! He's being baptized on Saturday and it will be fabulous!!

Jackie and Makayla aren't progressing. Jackie is ready to be baptized and wants to set a date, but she also wants to wait for Makayla. Makayla's not ready and doesn't seem to have too much interest right now, so we're trying to see if we can get Jackie to move forward before she loses the light she's received! We'll probably watch the talk by Elder Costa with her and hopefully that will help her realize that she needs to be baptized!

We were able to help a less active/part member family move this week and I have gotten super good at packing fragile items and playing tetris with them. So basically my mission is teaching me lots of fun stuff. Holla!

We went to Lion Country Safari and I loved it! I saw lots of fun things and was like 10 inches away from a Giraffe. #goals

Well, I love you all! Have a fabulous week!

Sister Peterson

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