Monday, April 24, 2017

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Hey hey hey!

We started off the week with a private tour of The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach. The sisters we live with are teaching a man who is a manager there, so we got to go inside all the cool places. They have a machine that folds towels!! That was a highlight of the tour for me, if I'm being honest. We also went inside the most expensive suite in the hotel that rents for $7000 per night. So I tried not to breathe in there but it was gorgeous! The view was amazing! Palm Beach Island is part of the area I started my mission in so it made me miss all my Palm Beach North homies.

So, remember how Rosa and Guido? Well, a couple weeks ago Guido told us he wasn't ready to be baptized and he didn't want to waste our time. His wife came to church the next day and signed up to feed us dinner. We went over on Wednesday and Guido had prepared a beautiful meal for us (oh yeah, he's an ITALIAN PASTRY CHEF!). We sat down and started to make small talk until Guido suddenly burst into an apology. He said he didn't want us to feel like we weren't welcome anymore and that his door is always open to us. They asked us to start teaching them again! It's amazing how Heavenly Father prepares people's hearts. Guido doesn't even realize that he missed having us because he missed feeling the Spirit, but we'll help him see it. Rosa is super solid and wants to be baptized, but she wants to do it with Guido. I love the Mogni family so much and I'm so excited to be teaching them again, and not just because Guido makes us delicious things (like butternut squash ravioli which is legit the best thing I've ever eaten).

We're still teaching Carrie. She has a ton of questions because she got a degree in evolutionary science, but it blows my mind how the gospel answers all her questions perfectly. She'll ask us something and as we begin to teach her from the scriptures she always says, "That makes perfect sense." Yeah it does! The gospel is the best. Aren't we lucky we have it in its fulness again? Man I'm grateful to have a living prophet who leads and guides the church as the Savior's hands here on the Earth!

We spend time on and off in this one community visiting former investigators and current investigators and literally every time we go we run into the same guy walking his dog. At this point, he yells out our names before we yell out his haha. We're still trying to convince him that it's not a coincidence that we run into him EVERY SINGLE TIME, but he's not so sure yet. He did ask to be put on our "prayer list" so that's good.

Anyway, the gospel is super true. Don't you forget it! 

Lots of love,
Sister Peterson

The Breakers! I had to be a nerd in the $7000 room. I had to. 

Gettin' ghetto with Savannah and all her little cousins.
Wearing my earrings for Kim's wedding!
Name tag pic
Sister Root, Sister Oliverson, and I were all companions with Sister Garlick and Sister Ricardo so we had to take a picture.
It rained like crazySunday morning!!! 

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