Monday, March 20, 2017

The Ghettoest of Ghettoes

My Dearest Familia,

This week has been crazy full of miracles! As I read in 2 Nephi this week I came across 2 Nephi 8:7 which says, "Hearken unto me, ye that know righteousness...fear not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their revilings." That really hit me and I was thinking-hey-I know the truth! I know righteousness! And because I know I have no reason to fear any man. So Sister Cohen and I went hard at talking to everyone this week. In our mission we call talking to someone we see an OYM (open your mouth). So we OYM'd everyone! It was awesome to see Sister Cohen change from standing behind me all embarrassed to pointing people out that we could go talk to. The gospel is beautiful! Share it without fear! So we were able to see a lot happen from our OYMing efforts.

We were going to an appointment that we had set up with a potential investigator and he wasn't home. We walked down the stairs and saw a lady with two little girls carrying in groceries. We ran over to help her and it turned out that she's the wife of the man we had come to see! We helped her to her apartment (she was very impressed by our grocery carrying skills-thanks Mom), then she let us right in to teach her a lesson. It's so amazing how our Heavenly Father works! I know if we hadn't OYM'd her there is no way we would have been able to see that miracle that God had set up.

Another really cool miracle happened on Saturday. We were going to go help the Royal Palm Beach sisters with a service project they were going to but we had a little time between studies and when that would start, so we decided to put in some time knocking doors. We accidentally went to a pretty rich, spread-out place  but the third door we knocked on was Michele. She came outside and was so happy to see us! She kept saying how wonderful what we're doing is. She told us that she was raised Roman Catholic but had stopped attending church five years ago when she stopped feeling the Spirit there. She insisted that she would never change religions, but she called us Sunday morning to ask what to wear to church. We had an awesome lesson with her after church where she told us that she had been waiting and hoping we would come back. Apparently sisters knocked on her door a couple months ago and talked to a friend who was staying with her. He told her about the experience and she hoped that those sisters would come back to help her. Then we showed up! She was so engaged in our lesson and really felt the Spirit! Before we could even offer, she asked us where she could buy a copy of the Book of Mormon. She is so elect and I'm so excited to teach her! She loves feeling the Spirit in church and in our lessons!

Do y'all remember Julian? He's the son of a less active member that Sister Schiers and I were working with. Well, they had us over for dinner this week and the first thing Sister Christiansen said to us was, "I was thinking April 8th for Julian's baptism." So yeah. We're meeting with him again tomorrow and he'll be baptized before we know it!

Somehow we got permission to go to Belle Glade and knock there with our district. It was the best day of my mission! Belle Glade is the ghettoest of ghettos and my dream area. Sister Root and I have both served in Palm Beach (which includes Riviera Beach) so we were absolutely giddy with excitement. So fun!

We had zone conference so I was able to see some of my old mission homies and we all got pumped about hitting our goal of baptizing 100 souls in April in #TheRiseoftheFFLM Holla!

I love you all so much! I know that this Gospel is absolutely true and there is nothing that can replace it. Because we have been blessed to know, it is our duty to share that with others! Go OYM some of your coworkers and pals this week!

Sister Peterson

Juno Beach up in Jupiter

Zone Conference! Sister Soto, who I lived with back in Palm Beach, and Sister Davis, who I lived with in the MTC

We made chocolate mustaches (thanks Grandma <3)

Belle Glade!

Sister Cohen's first bike day! She didn't even hate it and I got to rock my 2 braids again. Holla. 

Cuban corn :)

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