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Well, I have a child. In the mission field, they call somebody who trains a new missionary a "mom" or "dad" and the trainee is the "baby." So I have posterity now! When I met Sister Cohen at transfers, we took a picture with my mission mom, Sister Garlick!: 

Aren't we cute? P.S. this is one of the only times I've been outside in a skirt since October. Luckily they told Sister Cohen to buy pants in her call letter!

So here's the deets on my baby: Sister Cohen is from Carson City, Nevada. She's the youngest of 5 and the first to serve a mission out of her siblings. She's a dancer, so I lose her if she turns sideways. She loves country music and hates reading. She's super quiet but has got some serious SASS (so I guess she has the right trainer haha). SHe has a killer testimony and is such an example to me of seeking and following the Spirit! I love her a lot. She's doing so well for only being in Florida for 5 days!

Transfer week is always crazy and this week was no different! It was weird to say goodbye to Sister Schiers after we'd been through so much together, but I'm so excited to have a new companion to learn from! We got back from Ft. Lauderdale at like 4:30 and had to leave dinner early so we could get to all our appointments on time. But then everything fell I was able to show Sister Cohen how we just keep going when people cancel on us, and how it's an opportunity to find what God really wants you to be doing. That's great lesson for missionary work and for life, so there ya go.

Savannah is doing awesome and is so happy! When they had her stand to welcome her to the ward she actually smiled! And usually she's quite sullen when she's in a crowd, especially if she's being singled out. She's just the best!! Jackie is doing really well and has a new baptismal date for March 18th. She's been telling us how she's just felt like singing and smiling lately and you can just see the light of that Gospel that's come into her life! She's still waiting for her "sign," so now our job is to help her see that God has already answered her through the way she feels! Makayla has done a total 180 and seems mad when we come over. She says she used to feel excited when we'd come and now she just feels nothing all the time. She even told us that she had a feeling of fear at Savannah's baptism (we think maybe she's scared of water because the prayer didn't scare her...?) We're going to have to let the Spirit work on her for a little while, but we'll try again :)

We've been teaching a little Columbian man named Jairo and he's so cute! He actually received a Book of Mormon 20 years ago but had to leave it behind when he moved to the United States. He loves our lessons and he always prays and thanks God for "his sisters" and asks Him to help him become a Mormon. It's super cute. He came to church on Sunday and really liked it! We just had a Spanish branch open in our area, so we might pass him to those elders and see how he does. It would be sad, but we just want to do what will be the best for Jairo!

I just want to tell you about a little miracle that meant the world to me yesterday. I was super stressed because we didn't have time to knock for a full hour and when we were half way to our dinner appointment I realized the members lived in a gated community and I didn't have my ID! In Florida they will not let you in if you don't have it. At this point we were 10 minutes into the drive and if we went back home to get my ID we'd be 30 minutes late for dinner! We decided to see what happened at the gate and I was just praying so hard that Heavenly Father would provide a way for us to get in. When we got to the gate the guard didn't even stop us! She just waved us on! It was such a tender mercy! I know that God is so mindful of each of us, even with the small things in our lives. He truly is our father and He cares so much! I'm grateful that He cared enough to help us get to dinner on time :)

WAIT! One more miracle. We had a little taste of ghetto this week! We went to make sure Savannah, Makayla, and Jackie were all set for church on Sunday and as we pulled in 3 ambulances, a cop car, and 2 electrical trucks pulled up. Apparently a transformer had blown, but at the same time somebody had OD'd down the street! (Or skreet, as they say in the ghetto). Obviously I wasn't happy that someone had OD'd (they were okay when they took them in the ambulance but I have no idea what happened after that) but I loved being there for that. I know that sounds weird, but I felt so at home and I honestly feel like that was a little gift from Heavenly Father.

Well, I love you all a lot! The church is so true and so GOOD. Have a fabulous week!

Sister Peterson

Sister Schiers and I trying to be cute on our only day to take pictures outside

Sugar cane picked in Belle Glade (my dream area that I will never serve in because it's too ghetto for sisters :( )

The Rodeo District!

Sister Cohen and I with our animal crackers! (thanks Grandma!)

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