Monday, March 13, 2017

Hump Day

Dear Family,

I hear spring is coming for most of you, but here summer is coming and I'm dreading it. The sisters wear pants now, which was great in the winter but is about to become the bane of my existence as we enter hot and humid time (well, hottest and most humid time). Sister Cohen is still in awe of Florida and so confused about the temperature here haha.

We had a crazy week! We were trying really hard to serve, or offer to serve, everybody we talked to and a couple people actually let us! We helped a lady named Arlene wash her car and she told us about her husband dying and how much she misses New York. She didn't want to meet with us, but she did say she was grateful God sent us to her and gave us hugs, so you win some, you lose some. We also had the opportunity to help some members with their housework and other things. We even got to help somebody stamp and seal wedding invitations, so that was fun! I just have so much love for service. I want to help everybody!  I just wish people would be more willing to let us help them. It makes me think of the Savior-He's already made the sacrifice and paid the price, but we have to choose to let that take effect. Oh agency!

We had kind of a roller-coaster week with Jackie. She was set to be baptized on the 18th, but for some reason she was very evasive about setting a time and committing to it solidly. She and Makayla came to church yesterday and as we sat down with them and Bishop it became clear that Jackie is totally ready for baptism. She knows it's true and it makes her happy-but she wants to be baptized with Makayla. The only problem is that Makayla seems to hate us now and she is not interested in getting baptized right now. I know Jackie wants to do this with Makayla, but I wish she wouldn't hold herself back from all the blessings she can have right now!

We decided to pass Jairo to the Spanish elders this week and that was happy and sad. I really miss that sweet old man, but Sister Cohen and I both felt that he needed to meet with the Spanish elders. He still went to church yesterday and is doing well and that is all that matters!

In reference to the subject line of this email, I hit my half-way mark this week. I can't believe it! I feel like I just got to the mission field. I'm so grateful for all those that reached out to me this week. I love you! I'm also grateful for all I've learned this past nine months. I've learned to really rely on the Savior and allow Him to help me. I've learned to accept and seek the will of God in my life. I've learned that the Gospel truly is the greatest gift we've been given and I want ERRYBODY to have it.

I love you all so much!

Sister Peterson

Oh-I made Sister Cohen let me hold her like a baby because apparently that's a thing

Enjoy my hump day pics haha 

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