Monday, February 6, 2017

Trials and Faith

Hi Everyone!

This week has been one of those growing weeks. It started with all these changes in our schedule. If you know me, you know I really like structure and planning and all that stuff, so it blew my mind to have our schedule thrown out the window. We now start studies at 8:30 and plan for our day right after personal study. Since we don't plan our full day at night, we can go to bed earlier (holla!  #eyebags #nevernottired) We can go out and work for a couple hours then come back and finish our studies and have lunch, or we can break it up, or do it all together. So many choices! Lunch is 30 minutes, so that's a bummer. I guess I'll be eating sandwiches the rest of my mission haha. BUT ANYWAY it's been really stressful trying to find a new rhythm for everything, but it's actually been pretty cool. We were able to schedule a lesson with someone we met in the morning with no problem and then the day seemed to fly as we were switching back and forth between work and study! I know these changes are inspired so I'm working hard to apply them and do what God really wants me to!

We've been having a lot of success in finding and teaching recently, but this week that sort of flipped. We had almost every single one of our investigators tell us they didn't want to meet with us anymore and that always stings. I just want to be like, "Wait! This is the only way you're gonna be happy!!" but I don't know how effective that would be haha. What I do know is that we have a lot of room in our teaching pool for God to fill it with the elect! I think He's testing our faith right now so we better step up! I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father directs this work and not me. For heaven's sake I'm 19 years old and I have no idea what I'm doing like 98% of the time. But I do know that God knows, He is incredibly mindful of His children, and He just asks that we trust Him enough to let Him work. Do that's what I'll do!

Not everything was bad though, we met a really cool Brazilian actress named Jessica who was super sweet and really willing to hear our message. She originally said she didn't have time to talk, but after praying with her the Spirit touched her heart and she invited us right in! She currently doesn't have a phone, but we're going to stop by in the next couple days to check in. She's so cute and she said she would teach us to make Coxina (Sister Peel-I'm sorry but I have no idea how to spell that. The struggle is so real.), which is a really delicious Brazilian pastry things. But I'm pumped about that!

I went on an exchange with Sister Tilby and we spent the day working in Loxahatchee. Well folks, for those of you who don't know, Loxahatchee is an interesting place. There's a lot of farms, ranches, roads that end suddenly, and dogs. We climed through or under like 5 fences and I feel fine about it. Sister Tilby was a little iffy about the whole thing, but I say you've got to do what you've got to do! It was such an adventure! I love the crazy things that happen on missions haha.

One other crazy thing...Sister Tilby and I decided to go visit a potential investigator from like a year ago. We knocked on the door and a Haitian woman answered very confused because she only spoke Creole. Well, Annette, the woman we were there to see, was laying on the couch not wearing a shirt. She invited us in so what could we do?? We went in and she sat up and made no attempt to cover herself. So I saw a Haitian woman mostly naked. That was fun. Florida is a crazy place, I tell you!

I love you all so much! Trust God and look for the good in everything!

Te quiero!

Sister Peterson

Sister Schiers and I at zone conference

Pretending to be Gangsters with Sister Tilby

This picture describes Wellington. Flashing horse crossing sign and a rider right by it. What is this place??

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