Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake!

Why Hello There!

Thank you for joining me again for the random thoughts and adventures of an awkward missionary in South Florida. Anyway, this week was so fun! We are continuing to teach Jackie, Makayla, and Savannah. We went hard all week teaching the gospel so they can be baptized this coming Saturday, but Jackie got sick and she and Makayla didn't come to church :( We had to push their date back a week, but Savannah is still excited to be baptized on Saturday! I love them all so much! All of their trials and struggles in learning the Gospel are so different and it's interesting to teach them all together. It constantly amazes me how the Gospel relates to every concern any of them has and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them :) Teaching them actually led us to a HUGE MIRACLE last night.

We were going over to teach a lesson to Jackie, Makayla, and Savannah and we even had a cake with us because it was Makayla's birthday. Well, Savannah and Jackie were home but Makayla was gone and they didn't know when she'd be back. So that was awkward. We talked to them for a minute, then one of Sister Lawrence's daughters (Jackie, Makayla, and Savannah are Sister Lawrence's sister, niece, and niece respectively) told us that she used to take the lessons but always got stuck before baptism. I almost jokingly invited her to take the lessons again, and she said YES! She told us that she'd been so frustrated feeling like she wasn't receiving an answer in the past and then told us all her concerns that had held her back before and we had a lesson right there! She, her boyfriend, and her daughter and joining us for our lesson tomorrow. We told them we'd bring the cake and eat it then (totally not bribing them into showing up, we'd never do that).

Another cool miracle: We had just ended a lesson with Jackie, Makayla, and Savannah and were a little bit late to our appointment with a less active member so we gave her a call. She said it was fine and that dinner was ready (we had literally eaten a latin meal an hour before). We showed up and she fed us salad, giant plates of pasta, and ice cream. Latins get very offended when you don't eat and finish their food, so we prayed for help and somehow ate all of it! That is a gift of the Spirit, I tell you. It is also a gift that makes me worry I will not fit into my clothes when I get home haha. Anyway, we shared the video "Where Mercy, Love, and Justice Meet" and talked about her and her daughter's relationship to the Savior. They both shared amazing experiences they have had and talked about how they miss feeling the Spirit. The Spirit prompted us to invite them to take the lessons again and they are so excited about it! I absolutely love them and I'm excited to see them have the light of the Gospel in their lives again.

The moral of this week is God is so good. He knows every single one of His children. If you ever feel like He has forgotten you, take a minute to pray and ask Him. I promise He will manifest His love for you to you in that moment, like He does for me all the time. The Gospel is true and there is truly no greater gift! I love you all!

Sister Peterson
Zone selfie after playing sand volleyball (that one dude is named Brian and he asked to play with us so we sort of just let it happen)

Valentine's Day antics

Being cute and Valentine-y on the pier at Juno Beach

District Training on V-day. (I forgot my tag and failed to hide that with the paper heart. Awkward.)

People like to leave notes like this on our car, so we put it up on the fridge. Tra la la.

Me and Lamaro with a turtle (was literally so excited to hold it)

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