Monday, January 23, 2017

We are the Hokey Pokey Church where you Turn Yourself Around

I saw that on a church marquee and I though it was fabulous so obviously I had to use it as my subject line. ANYWAY,

I'm in Wellington now, so I'm really close to my first area of Palm Beach North! It's weird because PBN was so ghetto but Wellington is the winter equestrian capitol of the world, so it's not exactly ghetto haha. I firmly believe you can find ghetto people anywhere so I am determined to do it! #i'mgonnafindyou #missionarylife

It was so weird to say goodbye to everybody! I honestly thought I was staying in Vanderbilt so it came as kind of a shock. I said goodbye to Zonquez and as far as I know he's still doing well but his mom is still being difficult about signing the baptism record. I was able to talk to Matt on the phone but I started to cry so I just handed the phone to Sister Jennings. It's weird how you can know someone for so little time but love them so much! I will miss all my homies in Vanderbilt.

Transfers were crazy! A member in the Vanderbilt ward drove us and I realized I have way too much stuff. But that didn't stop me from bringing it all anyway! Tralala. Luckily we shoved it all in the car before President could see haha. We live in a cute little house that is essentially a cabin. There's no carpet, just tile and then we have wooden ceilings and countertops. It's kind of fun but also you can always tell how gross the floor is. I think I'm really going to like it here anyway!

Sister Schiers has been out on her mission for almost 6 months (including the CCM) and is from Arizona. We're still in the awkward get-to-know-you stage but we'll be just fine! We are teaching a latin family who only speak Spanish...well I can ask them how they are at least. The Ramirez family is doing well and they came to church for the second time! Another one of our investigators is named Jean and his family recently got baptized. He's super cool and pumped for his baptism this Saturday! He said he wanted to be baptized in our church so I said, "Because it's the only true one, right?" And he straight-up high-fived me right there. It was awesome haha. One of my favorite gators that we're teaching is named Deandra and she is so cool! She's very intelligent and loves to talk about the gospel. She wants to be baptized really badly but her mom is on the fence about it. She turns 18 in March so one way or another she's going to be baptized!

I love the people here so much and I'm excited to serve them!

In my studies this week I just kept thinking of how much God loves us. He lets us choose, but once we choose a side we cannot go back to neutral ground. There is righteousness and there is sin- there is no middle ground! I've been considering each of my actions and judging what side they put me on. We know what team wins, we just have to stay on the right side :)

I love you all!


Sister Peterson

Me and zonquez!

Guyrlene taught us how to make plantains the Haitian way! 

Zonquez and Jorgenson wanted to take a karate picture but I'm the only one who really went for it...

The sassiest 3 yr old to ever happen-Lamorrow

Sister Schiers 

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