Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Keep Christmas With You

Merry Christmas!

I just want to say I love you all! Christmas is a time when people are much more sensitive to the Spirit and I think that's why it's the most wonderful time of the year. How could something be more wonderful than a season devoted to remembering what a wonderful gift our Savior is? 

I read the Christmas story in Luke a couple days ago and it stuck out to me that the first people to be notified of Christ's birth were shepherds and kings. I think it's really interesting that God heralded the birth of His son to the lowliest workers and the wealthiest kings. It just shows that Christ is a gift for every single one of us! He came to save the most humble of people as well as those who had everything. Gosh our Heavenly Father loves us! :)

This week was full of craziness and fun. We had a conference with half of our mission and talked about always having Christ's name on our lips. As disciples of Jesus Christ, that is our calling and our responsibility. Isn't it awesome that we have the same duty as the apostles? I loved seeing all the other missionaries, especially now that I know more than like three haha. It's powerful to be in a room with other people devoting their lives to serving our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The best gift we can give them is helping their children get back to them!

I got sick for a couple days, so that was a bummer, but we had a pretty miracle filled week anyway! We had two investigators show up to our special sacrament meeting and they loved it! Zanquez is 15 and Hector is who knows how old, but they're cool! Other missionaries found them knocking and passed them over to us #sameteam. I haven't taught either of them yet (Sister Jennings went with another missionary when I was home sick), but I am so pumped. Hector has two tear drop tattoos and Zanquez has 2 zs in his name so they both have to be awsome. I have missed the ghetto so much guys and this week God brought the ghetto to me! Tra la la.

Well, Christmas was amazing and I loved having a special day devoted to the Savior's birth and a day to skype my family. For those of you wondering, Christmas as a missionary is like every other day. We still go out and knock doors and teach lessons, but it's pretty magical to do that on a day when people are actually thinking about Christ.

That's all I've got to ramble on about this week. I love you all!


Sister Peterson

The Tyler's got us a giant lindor truffle filled with lindor truffles. Craziness.

We finished our advent calendars! Thanks grandma!

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