Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holla for 2017!

Happy New Year!

I can't believe 2016 is over. I left halfway through and time has just flown! This week went by pretty darn fast because it was awesome. Let me give you the highlights:

We recently started teaching a 15 year old kid named Zonquez (remember-I love the ghetto so teaching somebody by that name is a dream come true). He is the coolest kid! His prayers are so sincere and he keeps every commitment we leave with him. He keeps telling us that he just wants to be a better man and he feels so warm when he prays and reads the Book of Mormon. I love that he is humble enough to recognize the Spirit! He was all set to come to church on Sunday and when he didn't show up we got worried-so naturally we walked over to his house during second hour to find out what was going on. He came to the door and he was SO SICK. He was wrapped in a quilt holding himself up on the wall. We told him his baptismal date would have to be moved back and he was so disappointed! He asked if there was a later church he could come to so he wouldn't have to move it. Sadly, there was not but it was amazing to see his desire to be baptized-it was so strong he was trying to get himself there when he wasn't even strong enough to stand. Sometimes God puts the most elect people in my life and all I can do is say thank you!

Matthew is doing really well. The bishop wants to make sure he understands the priesthood before receiving it so we had a couple good lessons on that. Matt really understands when we teach, he just has a hard time expressing his thoughts and feelings about the gospel. I just wish we could make the ward see that! He is really excited to receive the priesthood and called us to tell us he got a job and he made sure he won't work on Sundays. I love Matt and I just want to see him succeed in the gospel!

We had a very exciting New Year's Eve. When our appointment with Zonquez fell through because he was sick we decided to go visit a recent convert, Guyrlene. Her son was being so crazy and eventually she sent him to be with his older sister (who is in her 20s). We were trying to help Guyrlene because she feels so guilty about not having a calling and having to miss church for work sometimes. As we were talking Jordan ran in looking panicked and said he swallowed money. We quickly realized he had swallowed a penny and was choking. Sister Jennings started doing a diver Heimlich-thing and I was yelling at Jordan to keep looking at Sister Jennings and keep his mouth open so the penny could dislodge. After like 15 minutes Jordan could feel the penny move to his stomach, so at least it wasn't stuck in his esophagus anymore! It truly was a miracle that we were there and that Sister Jennings is a trained scuba diver. She told me she met a man in her last area who reminded her of the very technique she used to help Jordan. God is amazing! I love Him so much!

We tried so hard to find new people to teach this week and we ended up with nine new investigators through our own efforts and the efforts of other missionaries. I'm so stoked and so blown away! It's so exciting to be able to teach my brothers and sisters the message of hope that I've grown up with. The gospel helps more than anything. 

I'm really grateful for this new year to grow and change, and for all of you in my life. Hopefully I'll grow, but still expect the same craziness and sass from over here in Florida. 

I love you so much! 

Sister Peterson

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