Monday, January 9, 2017


Well, it finally got cold here. And by cold I mean it's been about 50 degrees. I know, I know, Florida is turning me into a wimp. I've just been shivering and trying to pretend that I'm warm in my sweater and rain jacket combo. Sister Jennings doesn't seem to get cold at all but I run to the car every time we go to get in. Sadly, she's the driver so I have to wait outside to back her up anyway haha. But the work must go on! 

I saw some really awesome miracles with Zonquez, our 15-yr-old investigator, this week. He lives with his mom and his brothers and sisters and plays football. He's also SUPER ELECT and he's getting baptized this Saturday! We've been trying really hard to get the young men involved with him so he can be so loved and comfortable at church. The YM President told us none of the young men were really "sporty" so we just went with one that was about his age. Howie came and it turns out he used to play football! What??? We were inspired on that one. Then we took another young man named Caden and even though Caden isn't super into sports he is super into fellowshipping Zonquez! He was inviting him to mutual activities and asked if he could come to Zonquez's next lesson. But wait-there's more! On Sunday Zonquez called us to tell us he was over at his friends house trying to get him to come to church (our investigator was rounding up his friends-that's literally the coolest thing ever!) and he wanted us to come talk to him. So we hustled over there and convinced Jorgenson that he could come to church in the clothes he was in (he was locked out of his house and wanted to put on nice clothes for church but he didn't know when his uncle would be home). So we said a prayer with him and the Spirit did the convincing for us! I love Zonquez. I am so excited for his baptism!!

We've been working with an investigator named Evelyn who adamantly said no to church when we invited her. We went over to teach her earlier this week and the Spirit told us to just talk about what goes on at church so we did. Evelyn wouldn't commit, but she said she would pray about it. About 30 minutes before church started she texted us to tell us her decision. She said, "Good morning girls it's Evelyn. I've decided to attend today's gathering at 1 pm. Hope to see you there." I literally started jumping up and down! I can't even express the joy that comes from your investigators wanting to come to church! She came and stayed all three hours :) 

We went to deliver a DVD to someone this week and met Gale and Hubert. Hubert was having a great time talking with us and he told us about growing up in France during WWII. He lived in his grandparent's chateau during the war and they harbored 56 Jewish children. A nearby farmer reported them and the German soldiers told them the children had to go or they would take all of them to concentration camps. They sent the children to another place, but he still remembers living with those other kids. You meet the most interesting people on your mission!

This week I was ponderizing Alma 57:21, which talks about exact obedience, faith, and remembrance. I've been studying and praying about how to recognize and understand the Spirit better, as well as how I can grow on my mission. I realized this verse perfectly addresses that! Exact obedience will put me in a position to have the Spirit testify to me, and as I have faith, remember, and act upon the revelation that I have received I will grow and become the person my Heavenly Father wants me to be. I love the Book of Mormon! Everything applies to me!

Also this guy answered the door with a gun in his hand yesterday and told us he didn't like strangers. We saw the gun when he reached out to take the picture of Christ hahahahahahahaha. Florida is a strange and mystical place.

Te quiero mucho!

Sister Peterson

I had to eat 10 full size marshmallows as fast as I could at our zone activity. I'm real competitive so I just suffered through the pain haha!

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