Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bye Naples!

Well, if you have any sense you've probably guessed from the subject line that I'm being transferred. You're right, folks! I'm leaving Naples and heading over to Wellington. I hear it is a nice area which is a shame because the ghetto is my favorite place ever! Just kidding. But really.

Zonquez was not baptized on Saturday :( Here's the story:
He was all set for the 14th up until about 2 days before his baptism. Zonquez was still doing so awesome, but his family was really being pushed by Satan. His mom, Tyronica, refused to meet with us to sign his baptismal record, and his sister suddenly got very antagonistic. We met with Zonquez at a park and he had his interview and passed with flying colors! He was beaming! He called his mom and said, "Mom-you have to sign the record. I have to be baptized tomorrow!"  A member drove him home and we went to talk to his mom. She wasn't home, but his very Baptist sister was. He was smiling so much and then she started in on him-"You want to believe in TWO books? You know the Mormons are a cult, right? Zonquez, I know you better than anyone and you're not ready to be baptized. They're pressuring you into this." And on and on until Zonquez said he wanted to postpone his date :( So that was really sad, especially now that I'm leaving because I won't get to see him be baptized! Do you think President Richardson would let me skype for that? It's a bummer that he pushed it off, but I have so much peace knowing that I did literally everything in my power to help him be baptized on Saturday. I know that God accepts my efforts!

We have been trying so hard to meet with our investigator's mom so she can sign Zonquez's baptismal record but she just wouldn't meet with us! On Monday morning she sent us a text asking if we would like to meet in 15 minutes! We ran over and talked with her and even had the opportunity to serve her. She has a much better attitude toward us and is totally willing to sign the record! God truly has softened her heart and I love that I got to see that!

Evelyn has made a lot of progress this week! She came to a relief society activity and made a bunch of friends! She loves the members and always wants us to bring them over when we teach her, which is just fine with us :) She came to church again, but she won't commit to being baptized. She says she doesn't understand why she needs to be baptized if she's already living the right way and has faith. She's currently praying about it, so I have been too!

I have been studying Christ's visit to the Americas and I couldn't believe the things that were standing out to me. Of course I've read it before, but a few verses in particular really stuck out to me. In chapter 12, Christ talks about comforting those that mourn, blessing those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and blessing the peacemakers. I was thinking how all Christ asks us to do is let Him comfort us, seek after righteousness, and be a peacemaker. He just wants to bless us. I am going to go after those teachings with all my heart this next transfer so He can!
We're teaching a woman named Moon Beam, so basically missions are the coolest and you get to meet cool people with awesome names.

I have done a lot of growing this transfer, and I'm excited to see what this next transfer holds! I love you all!


Sister Peterson

You have to put plastic bags over the rubber on your car to keep vultures from eating it, so that's good times.

In my interview with President I asked if we could take a selfie and he said yes haha. He probably enjoys me.

Our egg survived the egg drop! Go Hounds of Vandy!

The Rookery!!
I'm a big nerd and seeing alligators was the coolest thing of my life!

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