Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dunk the Halls

Dear Family,

I'll start out with the mundane stuff. I'm staying in Vanderbilt Beach another transfer. Sister Peel is going home, so my new companion will be Sister Jennings. I've never even met her so fingers crossed! It'll be awesome no matter what happens because Christmas is so close, so it's all good.

The most exciting thing that happened this week was Matthew's baptism! It's been such a long road for him. Sister Peel had just started teaching him when I came, so he was taught for about 7 weeks. That's pretty crazy because in our mission you can be baptized after coming to church twice and he's been like 6 times. President Richardson came to interview Matt and like 10 minutes before Matt called us to say he had people coming to his house to talk about his living situation. He was really scared and worked up because he was homeless for 7 months a while back and didn't want to go through that again. We told President what was going on, and we decided to take the interview to him! Matt was freaking out when we got there and Sister Peel and I were trying so hard to calm him down. President came over and talked to Matt for a few minutes and then left. We called President later and he told us Matt could be baptized the next day! It was crazy that all President really needed to do was shake Matt's hand and look into his eyes. Mission presidents are crazy in tune with the Spirit.

All went well with his baptism. He got dunked, so that's the most important thing! And seeing him get the gift of the Holy Ghost was amazing. I've seen Matthew change so much since I've met him and I know he was ready for this gift. We asked him how he felt after his baptism and he said, "That guilty, knot-in-your-stomach feeling I always's gone." I almost cried when I heard that. He can't remember a time when he didn't feel that and now the Savior has taken that burden from him. I'm just so proud!

I'm hit over and over again with how good the gospel is. I just want everybody to have this gift! If that means that we awkwardly approach them as they're getting their mail, then so be it. People need to hear the good news!

We volunteer at Harbor Chase skilled nursing facility every week and we went and caroled there on Wednesday. The residents were all singing along and it was so fun! Later, Sister Peel and I asked Art to dance for us because he was a professional dancer. He obliged and ended his dance by surprise kissing our cheeks. What? Is that disobedient? Oh Art. It was so funny!

Sister Peel is going home tomorrow, so that's been really weird. She's not really trunky, it's just weird to think that in less than 48 hours she'll be with her family. We have had so much fun this transfer! I wish we could have Christmas together but when I suggest that she seems to think she'd rather be home. How rude!

I absolutely love you all and I hope you're really feeling the Spirit during the Christmas season. If you're not, watch Light the World and you literally cannot help but feel it. Tralala.

Sister Peterson

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