Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Miracles

Hi family!

I absolutely love this time of year. Being a missionary during the Christmas season is fantastic! In the Christmas Devotional last night, one speaker talked about the Christmas spirit sounding a lot like the Holy Spirit. I know that's true! I think part of what makes Christmastime so special is all of us being united in remembering the Savior. Now, imagine if everyone did that every day of the year? That sounds pretty neat. Also, we show people the #LighttheWorld video every chance we get because it's fantastic and it brings the Spirit so strongly!

Anyway, I want to tell you all about a miracle that we saw last night. We had just walked out of our dinner appointment and Sister Peel really had to go to the bathroom. We considered going back to the Tyler's house to use their bathroom and as we were walking over we ran into this guy with a giant malamute (I don't know how to spell that but it's my best guess *shrug*). We started talking to him and petting his dog and invited him to church. He took our card and said he might check it out, then he told us his friend that lived a few townhouses away might need a prayer. We love referrals, so we ran right over and met Brenton, who coincidentally we had met about two weeks prior to this. We prayed with him and the Spirit was so strong! We always ask people how they feel after we pray but before we could he started describing to us how he'd felt so good and warm inside and wanted to feel that again. He asked if we would come back and we of course set up an appointment. He even asked us about the Book of Mormon and said it made sense to him that Christ would come visit his people in the Americas too. Can you say ELECT? It was freaking awesome.

Right after that spiritual high we went to go contact a potential investigator that we'd had an appointment with, but it had fallen through (that never happens! -said no missionary ever). We knocked on his door and chatted a bit, then asked when we could come back since the last appointment we'd had had fallen through. He looked really confused and said he didn't think we'd had an appointment. It was at that moment that we realized he was a man we'd prayed with outside and knocked on his door a different day and he tried to convert us to Catholicism. And I sort of yelled "TOM!" because that was his name that I remembered as all of this came rushing back to me. He laughed a little because it was uncomfortable for all of us, and we said goodbye. Oops! Haha God must need us to prepare Tom to meet missionaries later! He'll be all, "those one girls bothered me all the time, maybe I should just hear what they have to say," and I'll sense it as I'm home and put on my sunglasses all cool. Or not. But I do hope that he listens one day!

Matthew is all set for baptism this Saturday, but our ward is still very unsupportive. I'm so worried about how he'll do without everyone backing him up! We had a little pre-interview with him the other day and he totally passed. I think people just have unrealistic expectations for the people we baptize. The ward members have been going to church for years and learning. Matthew's been learning for like 5 weeks. It's completely unrealistic to expect him to be on the same level as the other members! Man. I may throw down in ward council. Tra la la. I'm just so proud of Matt for all the changes he's made! He has such a desire to follow Christ! He even came to watch the Christmas Devo with us last night. We looked over at him at the end singing "Silent Night" and it was the cutest thing of my life.

Well, I love you all. I'm still sweating out here in Florida, so put on a sweater for me :)


Sister Peterson

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