Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Warning: Exposure to the SON May Prevent Burning

Hello Fam,

I saw the subject line on the marquee of this church we live with. It's a little apostate, but I still like it.

AUSTIN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! We were able to go teach him every night this week and I learned a lot about teaching simply. I somehow got this idea in my head that I'm supposed to help someone know everything I know but that's super wrong. The Spirit testifies of truth, and people need things in small doses! But I digress. Anyway, Austin is basically the most elect 9 year old to ever walk the planet. We would ask him a question and he would spout out this beautiful spiritual answer. I'm pretty sure he's more spiritual from me, but I'll let you know when we get the results back. His baptism was so beautiful! For some reason, I keep thinking I'm musically talented so Sister Neeley and I sang "Valiant Faith" a Capella at the baptism. We had some awesome talks and Sister Neeley had to step in last minute to speak on baptism. She had mints, a little hairbrush, and hand sanitizer and she talked about how baptism is kind of like those objects. You don't just want your hair to be smooth once, you don't only want your mouth to be fresh once, and you use hand sanitizer over and over! Baptism is the first initial time, but you have to continually use the Atonement, take the sacrament, and try your best to keep clean. I was super impressed that she thought of that in like 5 minutes and I think it really applies to all of us! Baptism is not a one time, I'm done kind of thing. People are always telling us "I'm saved." and it always makes me want to ask what they're doing right now to follow Christ. It's a question I want all of you to ponder this week as you take the sacrament.

Last night we got the news about transfers. After four wonderful months in Palm Beach, I will be transferring to Vanderbilt in Naples. I for reals have no idea where that even is or what it is like, but it's going to be a party! I'm hoping it's just a little ghetto because ghetto is my favorite place to proselyte! My new companion will be Sister Peele, a Portuguese called missionary who goes home after this next transfer. She's super beautiful and thin,so I guess I'll just awkwardly stand next to her in pictures and try to think skinny thoughts haha. I've only met her briefly, but I've heard good things so I'll let you know next week! Also, I don't know when I acquired so much stuff, but I just keep thinking of Uncle Dave, "good luck getting that [down] the stairs!" Second floor apartment probs. We get less bugs so I'll take it!

We had a ward Halloween party and Sister Neeley and I helped with the kids games. We were running a little cake walk but we didn't have any music so I sort of just started singing and clapping and we had a party in there! The primary president had to come shut us down because the games were over and we were still going strong haha. That's how I do!

Mary, a less active I've been working with since the third week of my mission, had her baby this week. Riley was stillborn on Friday. Mary texted us on Sunday to give us the news and it broke my heart. Her pregnancy was a big trial and she was getting very excited for her little girl. I know God has a plan for her and that Riley was welcomed right back into his arms, but my heart still aches for Mary. We went over yesterday and she told us that she really needs church, so maybe this will be a time to build her testimony back up rock solid. I will miss her and her sass so much!

We did something called a mini mission with a girl in our ward, which means that she came over for studies Monday night, stayed overnight, and worked with us all day Tuesday. Elizabeth is easily one of my favorite people in the ward so it was super fun. She's preparing for her mission to Salt Lake City South, ASL, so since we both know a little we decided to go visit a less active woman in our ward who is deaf. We definitely woke Angela up from a nap (we have to hit this little grate on the window to make her dog bark and go get her) so we kept it brief and set up another time to come by. So a few days later I went with Sister Neeley to share a scripture. It was pretty scary, but the gift of tongues is super real because I haven't really used sign language in 2 years and I was able to carry on a conversation semi-normally. I don't know what will happen with Angela now that I'm leaving, but hopefully she at least knows that she's not forgotten!

I love you all dearly and I'll tell you all about Vanderbilt next week!


Sister Peterson

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