Monday, November 7, 2016

Vanderbilt Beach is not ghetto

Hi everyone!

As you are all aware, I've been transferred over to Vanderbilt Beach in Naples. It was really hard saying goodbye to my West Palm family, but the Lord has so much in store for me here! I'll miss James, Albert, and Austin so much! It's really hard leaving your recent converts in the hands of other missionaries! 

Here's the deets on Sister Peel:
She's from Las Vegas and is super cute. She is 20 and speaks Portuguese. This is her last transfer on her mission and we both like pampering items (we have tons of lotion, hair products, etc. It's pretty great). She's not super sassy, but she does pull it out once in a while. She's really sweet and loves to joke around. 

Vanderbilt is not ghetto. We live in the most ghetto area and it's pretty nice! I'm not even concerned about possible being stabbed. It's so beautiful and green! The best way to describe it is lush. It's exactly what I pictured the south would be like. We did get to drive through Alligator Alley to get here, though! I was way pumped but I was too tired to watch vigilantly for alligators for the whole two hour drive across the state. You know what's between the east coast and the west coast? Grass. And swampiness. I was super excited to go through the everglades anyway!

We have an investigator named Matthew that we're working with right now. He's trying to quit smoking and he broke his cigarettes when we were there, so fingers crossed he can be baptized on the 26th! The blessings of the gospel are so real. I love that my job is to share that with everyone!

I love you all!

Sister Peterson

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