Monday, November 14, 2016

Naples Life

Hi Fam,

Remember that time I was teaching an investigator named Spicy? Well, that all came flooding back to me this week when my Zone Leader handed me a habenero pepper to eat at zone training. You know how sometimes you think you know what something will be like? Well, I was wrong. My mouth/throat/lips burned so badly! I felt quite good about myself because all the elders were crying and I was just chillin. You know how I do haha. However, I probs won't be doing that again. Boys are dumb and if they offer you a pepper and you take it you are also dumb. Or brave-it depends on who you ask.

Matthew is currently AWOL. He was cutting down from 20 cigarettes a day to 1 a day, then we stopped by, testified super hard, and made a plan with him for how he would smoke 0 the next day. That was the last time we've seen him. We received a very cryptic call Saturday night where he told us he'd just gotten out of the hospital and he didn't want to talk about what happened. Sister Peel and I are doing our best to see him, and since missionaries are basically stalkers with name tags Matthew's roommate is getting a little weirded out. But frankly, Michael is super bizarre so we're just returning the favor. We will not give up!

There's a 13 year old recent convert in the Spanish ward whose family speaks English and she's deaf (I know-I can't explain it). It's a really bizarre situation because the elders would teach and the mom would translate for Dominique, but I don't think she really knows sign language...So since Sister Schmidt and I both sign, we got permission from President to go teach her! We biked over on Friday night and had such a good lesson with her! She's super sassy and literally bursting with personality :) I don't know how she got baptized, because most of what we taught her seemed like new information, but I do know that the Lord put Sister Schmidt and I in the same house again so we could be here for Dominique. During this whole thing, Sister Schmidt and I accidentally biked like a mile through the grass past where we were supposed to turn and had to back track. Let's just say I have a new appreciation for sidewalks after that little adventure :) It was so worth it to be able to go teach this sweet girl!

Here's a little tender mercy I saw this week. I'm totally focused, but I have been hoping that I'll hear One Direction when we're out shopping on P-day. Well, when I was in the midst of shopping for pants and hating all of them last Monday, I heard "What Makes You Beautiful" and "What a Feeling." Basically God knows His children and He literally blesses us so much. Something I'm learning is that no matter what it is, if it's important to me it's important to God.

The work is pretty slow in Vanderbilt Beach. We're working really hard to find new investigators and not really seeing success right now, but I know that God has a plan for me and for all of His children. Despite the struggles I face out here, I've never been happier than I am doing the Lord's work here in Florida.

I love you all!

Sister Peterson

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