Monday, October 17, 2016

Regina George. How do I even begin to describe Regina George?

Hi Family!

Regina George. How do I even begin to describe Regina George?

Well, this week was less eventful than expected. The hurricane really wasn't bad here so people weren't really humbled. I mean, you've got those who recognize that we were spared by the hand of God, and there's those who are making fun of it. We were still going hard trying to find people, though! Our mission has a goal to have 100 baptisms in October and we are going to do it, gosh darnit! But our teaching pool has gotten a deep cleaning this week because the people we were working with just aren't ready to commit. Sherry texted us Friday to tell us she would be at church and then again Sunday morning to tell us she was too depressed and Spicy dropped us like we were hot. That's okay though. God definitely will lead us to those that are ready! 

Speaking of which, we met a super cool family this week! Actually, two families. One with 5 children, one with 6. I went over to give someone a card and we offered to share a prayer. She brought her friend out and we started talking. It turns out that Ratisha recently lost her mom and Lemay (the names in the ghetto crack me up) wants to know what her purpose is in this life. We whipped out a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and let them know our Heavenly Father has a plan for us in this life and that families can be together forever. The kids were all running around when we walked over, but that all pulled chairs over to listen to us. I forget sometimes how sensitive children are to the Spirit. We are planning to go see them tomorrow and help them understand that Jesus Christ's true church is back on the Earth and they can be part of it! I know I sound super missionary-ish right now but it was so exciting! I love meeting people who actually want to learn about the gospel.

We had exchanges this week, so I stayed in Palm Beach and Sister Erickson came over from Royal Palm Beach. Things started out a tad awkward, but then somehow One Direction came up. It turns out Sister Erickson loves them too! We had to righteously fangirl for a second over Harry Styles. It was a nice moment haha. We had a lot of fun together and accidentally knocked on the door of a less active woman from Miami who was visiting for the day. What? Crazy sauce. We were able to get her information so we can send some missionaries over and also  use her bathroom (missionary probs). I love Sister Erickson and spending a day with her was exactly what I needed. I'm learning that every missionary is super different, but it's cool. God doesn't need robots!

For P day we went to the beach to take cliche white girl pics and I texted Sister Richardson to tell her I want to get some pants! Zika is a thing, so...We had to call President for permission to go to an event for Rosemary and he told me I'm the only sister in the mission who has expressed interest in getting pants. #trendsetter (I actually said #trendsetter to him but I don't think he got my humor over the phone.) But let me  tell you a little bit about Rosemary's event. She was getting a brick in a veteran's memorial at a Catholic Church and she basically had us and like 3 friends there. She was all dressed up in uniform and had me carry the Coast Guard flag to march over to the memorial. I don't really know what was going on, but Rosemary was sure happy we were there. She's really done so much! She's the President of the American Flag Society and is constantly insisting that we get her President Monson's address so she can write to tell him how wonderful the people in the church are. Sister Neeley and I don't quite know what to do with her, but we'll let the Spirit guide :)

Mi espanol es mucho mejor. The gift of tongues is a real thing and I can pray in Spanish with much more confidence now, so that's cool. I love learning another language! I think I'm going to ask President for permission to continue studying language and ask if I can actually study ASL. This mission has four languages, but it used to have five and ASL was one of them. I just want to learn and talk to as many people as possible!

I love you all very much! Have a great apple and sandwich! (Or a great week. You choose.)

Sister Peterson

I love you all so very much! Muah!

Rosemary's event

Awww Cute

There was a store called "restoration" so we obviously had to take a picture.

A little girl of a less active member we're working with gave me this shell and told me to keep it in a safe place, so I carry it around with me : )

The SASS is strong with this one. "Well, THAT'S true!"

Hey! That me!

Take a look at that comp unity!
When you find coconuts of varying sizes and learn how to use your self-timer in the same week, this is just a thing that happens.

Sister Erickson "gets" me

Rosemary's Event

A weird dinosaur that i love

Hunting pictures

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