Tuesday, October 25, 2016


My dearest, darlingest family and friends,

What an insane week! I've been super excited to tell you all about it. We met this lady who was cooler than cool and so down to be baptized, but then she didn't meet us at the church for a chapel tour like we had planned (sidenote: our chapel is 8 miles outside our area, so thanks for that Jennifer). We decided to go by her house and none of her lights were on. Her car was there but the house was totally quiet. It was about 7:45 at this point so we were sure she wouldn't be asleep. We saw that there was an alarm of some sort flashing on her wall and we both had a really bad feeling. It honestly looked a lot like a carbon monoxide detector. We talked to a cop down the street and he told us to call the police because there was nothing he could do off-duty. We asked Jennifer's neighbor if she had seen her today and when she saw the alarm she said she would call the police if we didn't. We prayed about it and really felt like we needed to call, so we did. An officer showed up and started going around her house with his flashlight and knocking on her doors. Well, we'd been calling Jennifer over and over and decided to call one more time...then her porch light switched on and she came out of her house looking very confused. Right then, two more cop cars and a firetruck drove up. Well, it became apparent that she was fine, she'd just had to work a double shift the night before and that morning, so she went to bed early and didn't hear our calls. The cop made sure she was okay and the brigade left, then we apologized to Jennifer. She said she was just glad somebody cared and we set up an appointment for the next day. She wasn't there when we went by and her phone rejected all our calls. We're like 90% sure she blocked our number. Honestly, you call the cops for someone one time! The whole situation was ridiculous, but I refuse to feel silly about it. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father wanted us to call the police. I don't know why. Maybe Jennifer just needed to know that someone cared. It doesn't really matter, what matters is that there is power in acting on promptings immediately. In fact, I think Heavenly Father was testing our obedience for later on in the week.

We've been trying so dang hard to find people to baptize and we've had no luck. We meet cool people and then they turn out to be totally un-elect. We prayed before weekly planning and two part member families came to mind. We knew that their children were ready to be baptized on the 29, so we stopped by the Harbisons and basically just told her that her kids were getting baptized next week. She was cool with it and her daughters were way excited! Sister Neeley and I were over the moon! Imagine our disappointment the next day, when she texted us to say it was too rushed and she wanted to wait until the end of November. It was really hard to have that rug ripped out from under our feet!

I was thinking of the time I was at a swim meet and felt so sick. I hadn't done great in my other events, and I didn't want to swim, but I decided to get in the water and just do it! I remember getting to the wall, looking around, and thinking, "I literally finished last. They've all gotten out of the pool," but to my great surprise I had won! The point of that story is when decided to just do it and not care about anyone else, I was able to do my best. About two hours after thinking about that story, we got a call from the other part member family telling us that they wanted Austin to be baptized next Saturday!! We've already been over to teach Austin twice and he is the cutest kid. He feels the Spirit and always tells us "It feels really warm and good." Darn right it does! He's super ready. When we leave he always says, "Be safe!" which I guess is because he hears his dad say it :) Basically I'm just really excited and I know that truly was a miracle. Sometimes you think you finish last and then realize that somehow you've won. God is definitely the "somehow" in this situation!

Well, I think I've just about bored you all to death with this super long message so I'll sign off. The Gospel is so true! The church is perfect, even if the people (and the missionaries) aren't. And above all, God does answer prayers! But in His timing. I love you!

Sister Peterson

Posterity picture! Also, pants + sass = sister peterson

You are witnessing the first sister missionary in the US to wear pants proselyting 
(as far as I know)

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