Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Training Complete

Well hello!

This is me, Awkward Sister Peterson, or something. As you may have guessed from the subject line, I'm done with training! I can't believe it! That just means I'm entering the real world of missionary work I guess. I don't know. Keep me in your prayers because I don't know if I'm ready! Sister Garlick is leaving Palm Beach North to be an STL in Boynton Beach! She's going to be so good! I will be staying in Palm Beach North and my new companion will be Sister Neely. I meet her tomorrow but so far all I know is that she was called Spanish speaking (so I'll get to do language study! Yay! Let's be real it's nice to have one less hour in the sun. Is that bad? Should I not say that?). She goes home with Sister Garlick so she's at about a year. It'll probs take her a second to get used to my sass, but I'm excited! I feel like it's just going to be a crazy transfer. Considering how close I am with Sister Garlick now I'm excited to meet Sister Neely and be BMFFs (best missionary friends forever).

We had a specialized mission training on Tuesday. They basically told us that laying on the floor does not count as exercise and that we need to wash our hands. Um, I'm all over that! Hygiene police over here! Then we talked about March of 2015, when the mission baptized 100 converts. Well, we're doing it again! October is the Hunt for 100! We all got stickers to put on the back of our tags so it's pretty much official. Satan is such a jerk, though. We pretty much had to drop all our investigators this week because we couldn't get in touch with them or they were making no progress. It's such a bummer! But I know that when we show the faith to drop people, God will put elect people in our path! So I'm pretty excited to meet these awesome new gators.

Guys, I love the ghetto! It's my place. Like, I definitely wouldn't live there, but it's my favorite place to go knock and teach people. Our ward gets all annoyed because we have investigators without cars who need a ride to church, but that's because rich people think they don't need the gospel. Screet talk is my favorite. We ask people what they need us to pray for and it's always like, "I ax for scrength and health. I been saved." And it pretty much cracks me up.

We biked to the church (which is 8 miles away from our house) and I rode right through a bush that was growing out over the sidewalk. It was real painful, then I looked down and realized I was bleeding. Oh Florida. Sister Garlick passes out pretty easy so I was a little worried about her, but she just told me to dab it off with a tissue and on we went! We have darn good times. We biked like 40 miles this week and I was super proud. And sore. Bike seats are not comfy, peeps.

Somehow Sister Garlick and I got roped into doing a musical number in Sacrament meeting, so Sister Garlick played the guitar and I sang "Beautiful Savior" in front of a full chapel. And full overflow. Hopefully everyone's ears will stop bleeding soon haha. Also on Sunday-WE SAW ALBERT!!! He's been off the radar and we finally met with him. I've been super worried. He's been really busy moving and looking for a new job, so basically it's just been crazy. And Albert is 63 so he's not exactly tech-savvy. But he was in church! And James bore his testimony. I can honestly say I've never felt a testimony bring that Spirit stronger. He's amazing! He said Sister Garlick and I were like angels who helped him fill the hole he's been trying to fill his whole life and I died of love. I love these two men more than I can explain! God is so good!

I love you all!

Sister Peterson

At the mission training. MTC sisters back together!

What Sister Ricardo and I do when we get together.

Biking. My hair was legitimately soaking wet.

Homemade bread is the bomb. Made my week!

Think anyone would buy a story about a wild animal attacking me??

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