Monday, September 26, 2016

The Scruggle is Real

Hello lovely people!

This week has been crazy! We had transfers and I met Sister Neeley, my new comp. She's from Cali and is super sassy. I'm not sassy at all so I guess we'll see if this works out. JK we get along great! Our biggest struggle is not laughing at our own jokes at doors. The Lord needs a really nerdy companionship in Palm Beach right now, I guess.

The Women's Broadcast was fabulous and we told our less active member we needed a ride to semi-trick her into going. Well she loved it and we loved it! I love her so much. In fact, I'm really confused about why she doesn't go to church because she clearly has a testimony. I guess conversion in a hard thing because it's absolutely a continual process. I love that scripture that says something like, "If you have felt the song of redeeming love, I would ask; can ye feel so now?" Man. The gospel is so good but it definitely only works if you do stuff. 

Sister Mendenhall took us to get tacos after the broadcast and I saw something on the window when I looked back at Sister Neeley. I asked if the bug was inside or outside and then all heck broke loose! This nasty white spider leaped off the window toward Sister Neeley as she launched herself across the car onto Bev's car seat holder thing. We lost the spider for a minute and we all had our feet in the air out of sheer panic. Suddenly Sister Neeley saw it and started stomping on it, so I obviously screamed because I'm an adult who is not scared of spiders and Sister Mendenhall screamed. I don't know, something about the whole situation was just hilarious. I guess I just want you all to know that I'm still as ridiculous as ever. I thought maybe I'd be all dignified as a missionary but I'm totes not. It turns out you're just you but with a tag and a more important job to do. I also burned myself on the hot lettuce in my taco, but that's a different story.

We had a surprise investigator show up to church yesterday! I met Alice when I was with Sister Garlick and we literally could only understand about 20% of what she said, so we left her with a pamphlet, our number, and the church address and peaced out of there. Clearly God didn't want us to forget about her so she came to church this week and loved it! I still can't really understand most of what she says but I know if God wants us to work with her it will work out. I'll keep you updated!

With all the stress of taking over an area, I've just seen a lot of miracles. People we needed to meet, lessons we were able to teach, and just things that make me know the Lord is mindful of me. My Bishop gave my comp a blessing because that's what you do when you come to a new area and he offered me one as well. I almost said no but I'm so glad I didn't! The priesthood is the coolest thing to me. Like, that was what Heavenly Father wanted me to hear! And I felt a ton better after that. I may not be a super seasoned missionary who knows what's going on but I can do this!

Well I love you all and the gospel is true, so yeah.

Awkward Sister Peterson

Pictures from singing in church!

Last time with Sister Garlick!

Sister Neeley and I are super normal...or something.
I saw this book at target and absolutely had to take a picture with it.
And Capurnia!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Training Complete

Well hello!

This is me, Awkward Sister Peterson, or something. As you may have guessed from the subject line, I'm done with training! I can't believe it! That just means I'm entering the real world of missionary work I guess. I don't know. Keep me in your prayers because I don't know if I'm ready! Sister Garlick is leaving Palm Beach North to be an STL in Boynton Beach! She's going to be so good! I will be staying in Palm Beach North and my new companion will be Sister Neely. I meet her tomorrow but so far all I know is that she was called Spanish speaking (so I'll get to do language study! Yay! Let's be real it's nice to have one less hour in the sun. Is that bad? Should I not say that?). She goes home with Sister Garlick so she's at about a year. It'll probs take her a second to get used to my sass, but I'm excited! I feel like it's just going to be a crazy transfer. Considering how close I am with Sister Garlick now I'm excited to meet Sister Neely and be BMFFs (best missionary friends forever).

We had a specialized mission training on Tuesday. They basically told us that laying on the floor does not count as exercise and that we need to wash our hands. Um, I'm all over that! Hygiene police over here! Then we talked about March of 2015, when the mission baptized 100 converts. Well, we're doing it again! October is the Hunt for 100! We all got stickers to put on the back of our tags so it's pretty much official. Satan is such a jerk, though. We pretty much had to drop all our investigators this week because we couldn't get in touch with them or they were making no progress. It's such a bummer! But I know that when we show the faith to drop people, God will put elect people in our path! So I'm pretty excited to meet these awesome new gators.

Guys, I love the ghetto! It's my place. Like, I definitely wouldn't live there, but it's my favorite place to go knock and teach people. Our ward gets all annoyed because we have investigators without cars who need a ride to church, but that's because rich people think they don't need the gospel. Screet talk is my favorite. We ask people what they need us to pray for and it's always like, "I ax for scrength and health. I been saved." And it pretty much cracks me up.

We biked to the church (which is 8 miles away from our house) and I rode right through a bush that was growing out over the sidewalk. It was real painful, then I looked down and realized I was bleeding. Oh Florida. Sister Garlick passes out pretty easy so I was a little worried about her, but she just told me to dab it off with a tissue and on we went! We have darn good times. We biked like 40 miles this week and I was super proud. And sore. Bike seats are not comfy, peeps.

Somehow Sister Garlick and I got roped into doing a musical number in Sacrament meeting, so Sister Garlick played the guitar and I sang "Beautiful Savior" in front of a full chapel. And full overflow. Hopefully everyone's ears will stop bleeding soon haha. Also on Sunday-WE SAW ALBERT!!! He's been off the radar and we finally met with him. I've been super worried. He's been really busy moving and looking for a new job, so basically it's just been crazy. And Albert is 63 so he's not exactly tech-savvy. But he was in church! And James bore his testimony. I can honestly say I've never felt a testimony bring that Spirit stronger. He's amazing! He said Sister Garlick and I were like angels who helped him fill the hole he's been trying to fill his whole life and I died of love. I love these two men more than I can explain! God is so good!

I love you all!

Sister Peterson

At the mission training. MTC sisters back together!

What Sister Ricardo and I do when we get together.

Biking. My hair was legitimately soaking wet.

Homemade bread is the bomb. Made my week!

Think anyone would buy a story about a wild animal attacking me??

Monday, September 12, 2016

Please feed the missionaries : )

Hi Fam!

I never know how to address this email but that's not really the important part so here we go!

This week has been super good! We were able to have a member go with us to teach our investigator Evelina about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring to the end). Oh. My. Goodness! That lesson was incredible! Sister Veas shared why the gospel is important to her. Unbeknownst to me, she was raised in the church, completely left the church, and is now coming back. She talked about how she wants to help her daughter find happiness without going through all of the same trials and the Spirit was so strong. We were all trying not to cry. Evelina has been reading the Book of Mormon and it's amazing to see the change in her. The Book of Mormon is powerful! Sister Garlick and I were talking about how our investigators really only progress if they read the Book of Mormon. It makes sense, though. That's the most pure scripture we have! There's definitely a reason God brought it forth for us today. The Book of Mormon makes just as much of a change in my life as it does in my gators lives.

I fear I've alarmed all of you with my talk of being poor and having no food-I'm okay! It's a new month and we have money again! All I can say is: PLEASE FEED THE MISSIONARIES! I never realized how important members are in missionary work! Eating with the missionaries gives them a chance to get to know you and help you do missionary work! Plus, we only get enough money to pay for breakfast and lunch for the month so...But really. You don't even know the difference you make! Can you imagine going to a new church where you only know 2 young girls? Scary, right? But if you knew someone or someone came up and asked you to sit with them it would be way better! The most effective missionary work is done when the members are involved! You are all amazing!

We had Stake Conference this week! That was super fun, but we had to drive out to Boynton which is about 30 minutes away by freeway. And we have to drive there two more times this week, so expect a lot of useless chatter about biking next week! Also, expect my email on Tuesday. Transfers are almost here! But back to my point-our stake President talked about two authors in the Book of Mormon, Nephi (1 and 2 Nephi) and Chemish (Omni 1:8). Nephi was called to keep a record and wrote 117 pages that we know of! Chemish wrote one verse. Technically they both did what they were asked, bu
t one of them magnified their calling. Then he asked us to decide if we wanted to be a Nephi or a Chemish. I know which one I want to be! The good news is that God qualifies whom He calls! Joseph Smith restored the gospel in its fulness and he was a 14 year old farm boy with a fourth grade education! God gives us the power to do amazing things.

We were finally able to sit down and talk with James' wife! Guys, she's totally getting baptized. We taught her about the Restoration and James testified so hard to her! He totally gets the gospel and he just wants to share it! Also, Sharon recently found out she has celiac, plus she works 3 jobs so things are super crazy! But she's down to meet with us every week! Now that's dedication to knowing the truth! They're the cutest. Sharon was talking about how scared James' stroke made her and said, "He's my best friend." and then James said, "You're my best friend!" And it was pretty much adorable. Good thing families can be together forever!

Well, I didn't mean for this to be a sermon but it sort of turned into one...Sorry about that. Just some random thoughts from the head of Sister Peterson! 

I love love love you all!

Sister Peterson

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jesus is the password to a better life.

Dear Family,

I'm currently sitting in the library trying think of what to even say this week! There's so much but let me try to narrow it down so this email isn't 6 years
long :)

We've been able to do service for Capurnia regularly, which is the best! She runs Children's Outreach, Inc. and she loves us! I don't know if I told you, but last month we somehow ran out of money and were really poor, so we didn't have too much in the way of food. Capurnia runs a little food pantry to help people living in poverty and every time we help her at her office, she sends us home with food. Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers! I've been asking Heavenly Father to provide for us so we wouldn't go hungry and to help us find a meaningful service project, and then we met Capurnia! God is so good and so real. He definitely takes care of me!

We had a very open afternoon the other day, so Sister Garlick and I decided to track down some potential investigators other sisters had met a couple years ago. We knocked on one door and found Evelina. Her mother was the potential we were looking for, but she let us teach her the Restoration right there! We left her with a couple commitments and set up a time to come back. She missed her appointment and we were pretty much ready to drop her when she called us and asked us to come over. We took a member with us and taught her about the Book of Mormon. She told us she had prayed about the Restoration and just felt so happy then she started to cry and say thank you to God. Wow! The Spirit is truly what converts people, not us! She wants to be baptized and is pretty much the coolest. We asked her if we could do anything for her before we left, and she said, "Can we pray again?" She is so hungry for the Spirit! It's beautiful. I'll keep you posted on her progress!

James' wife was in the hospital all last week. The doctors were finally able to diagnose her with Celiac. She's not really happy since she is diabetic and now has to balance that with living Gluten-free, but James is over the moon! He loves Sharon so much and he was telling us that she really has two choices. To keep eating what she's used to and be sick, or eat what she needs to and feel good. Isn't it the same with us? We can keep doing the same things we like, or we can live the way God has told us to and be truly happy. It seems like a pretty easy choice, but it's a little harder to live than it is to say. The good news is that God loves us and blesses us for keeping His commandments! I promise that He will give you the strength to cut whatever is holding you back out of your spiritual diet and you will feel better than ever before!

My area was not hit by the hurricane, so I'm just fine! I'll let you know if anything crazy happens :) The biggest problem has been that I just want to sing "Hurricane" from Hamilton and it's very distracting haha. You can take the missionary out of her normal setting, but you can't take out the nerd!

I love you all!


Sister Peterson

This is Elizabeth! The member that sent you the cat picture:)

At capurnia's office. I organized these shelves! I loved it a lot!

When we bike I get so sweaty that you can see the salt in my hair...cute, right?

One of our members gave us a recipe book for dog biscuits hahahah

Look! A seashell elephant!And sister Quiambao...We went to a super cool little ocean shop:)