Monday, August 1, 2016

The Tomb is Empty; The Font is Full

Dear family (you're all my family, so it works),

This week was so good! Albert and James were baptized on Saturday!! I've only known these two for about a month, but I love them like I've known them forever. We were worried about James since he can't walk very well, but we had two worthy priesthood holders and everything went so smoothly! They both felt so much peace. James told us he hasn't felt this good in a really long time, and the smile on his face when he was confirmed was so bright! Albert has been being prepared for so long and he's just jumping right in. They've both asked us when they can go to the temple, so they're pretty much the best. Sister Garlick an I performed "Beautiful Savior" at the baptism-she played the guitar and I sang. We're not fantastic, but I know that music touches James and Albert and they were so happy. Gosh I love them!

President has put a rule in place that we can only use our camera's on p-days or in members homes (basically when we're not proselyting) so I can't send any more iguana pictures but I'll do my best to keep you all entertained.

My district leader, Elder Kiser, talked to us about how we are in a war. The battle is raging and we are all soldiers. So pick a side! You can't be somewhere in the middle when you're fighting a war. In a war, one of the most important things is communication. Satan tries desperately to take out our line of communication with our leader. Don't give in! Talk to God every single day and listen! Read your scriptures! There is revelation specifically for YOU in the Book of Mormon. Don't let Satan gain victory over you!

Following that intense spiritual thought, I've met people with the craziest names this week! To name a few: Tamiracle, Tredarius, Zyrell,Tiajuana, Adnike,Jocytene, and Phterris. Try your best to remember those when you're praying haha! Florida is just full of interesting people.

Last night when we were going to our knocking spot we both had to go to the bathroom pretty bad, so Sister Garlick suggested we park at the train station to find one and talk to people there. Well, that sounded like a great idea so we did it. We found the bathroom, but it was behind a fence, so we reasoned that if we walked around to the other side we could get in, 30 minutes later I was desperate and we had not found an opening. We had to walk clear back to our car (I was making in-pain noises at this point, so that was really cute) and then ended up driving ANOTHER 20 MINUTES. I got out of the car and ran up to some people to ask if we could use their bathroom (does that sound like me? That should tell you the kind of stress I was under) and they said no...We made it to a gas station just in time or this story would have ended in me wetting my pants (skirt?). Anyway, all's well that ends well, right? 

After that fiasco we still needed to knock for an hour, so we went somewhere close and that was where we found Samantha and Tredarius, mother and son. We taught them the Restoration and committed them to baptism, so hopefully I'll be writing more about their progress next week!

I testify that the Lord's plan is better than yours, even if it includes you almost wetting your pants :) Jesus Christ is our savior who understands each of us personally, and He is Risen!

I love you all!


Sistah Peterson

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