Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I can't think of any puns, so...

Dear family,

This week was pretty cool. There's a less active woman in our area named Angela who hasn't been to church in who knows how long. She's Deaf, so the missionaries in this area haven't reached out to her in the past. Sister Garlick and I were finally able to get in contact with her! I introduced us and talked to her a little bit-it was pretty scary since my ASL is pretty rusty, but I've been practicing and totally loving it! I'm really excited to see her again, so I'll keep you updated. On our way to see Angela we saw two very interesting things:  a man in an orange jumpsuit in a very sketchy car (I'm not saying he was an escaped convict, but I'm not saying he wasn't), and a man riding a motorcycle while smoking a pipe. Like, a legitimate pipe. What the what??? 

Here's a little tender mercy for the week: the other day I NEEDED Dr. Pepper so we went to Publix and I bought a 6 pack of DP. Well, when I went to pay the cashier told me they were having a sale and I got another one free! Holla holla! I know it's silly, but I know God cares about the small things :) I've been praying for help in being more awake and I swear I've been yawning less! I'm definitely still super tired, but I'm pretty sure that's a given in missionary work haha

were knocking doors when a horrifying thing happened. We were talking to this super cool guy, a straight up homie (I clearly spend a lot of time around black people. It's fine.) when I felt something on my shoulder. I swiped it off and it was a giant poky cockroach!!! So gross! It was on me! The very idea. So terrible. The guy and I were both yelling "Kill it! Get it Sister Garlick!" and she was like "I'm wearing rubber shoes!" so I smashed it with my sandal in panic. It wasn't until after that I laughed about it. This man is a personal trainer for heaven's sake! But he wanted the 19 year old girls to kill the bug haha.

We decided to bike to go see a less active the other day, and we biked so far! She was trying to get us to help her decorate for her baby shower (she's 49. Oh Florida.) so Sister Garlick quickly started talking about the temple. Nice save Sister. We were biking to our dinner appointment and had just made it over the overpass when we saw the rain. In Florida, you can literally bike into the storm, and that's exactly what we did. We were completely soaked by the time we got to the Canos. They just met us at the door with a towel haha. The Canos were so cool about it. I'm pretty sure Brother Cano is my kindred spirit. We both make really lame jokes and laugh so hard! Anyway, we dried off only to bike back home in the rain to change. The Canos gave us emergency ponchos so we were soaking wet, riding bikes in skirts in the rain, and wearing plastic ponchos that were billowing out behind us-it was so funny! 
I know that I've written about Rosalind before, but she kind of fell off the map with the whole homeless thing going on. I saw a road called Pineknot when we were biking home, so I suggested we go knock there. Literally the first door we knocked on a woman answered and asked if we were looking for Rosalind. What?! It was Rosalind's daughter and Rosalind was staying there! We hadn't planned to even see her but now we're back in contact and she's coming to church next week! God has made it pretty clear that we're not done working with her yet. He knows I'm stubborn, so He has to make things really clear for me. Thank goodness God knows all of us so well! 

We don't really have anybody we're teaching right now since our teaching pool got so wet last week! But we've met some cool people this week and we're going to work really hard to find the people who are ready for the good news of the gospel! The gospel is so true and I love it so much. It truly changes lives. Albert got the Aaronic priesthood this week and I don't think I've ever been so proud! And James is pretty much my best friend. He loves to talk about us to other people in the ward and to his daughters-it's the cutest thing. He kept saying to his daughter the other day "This is who I go to church with! They come here to kidnap my garbage! This is who I want you to meet!" (we take his garbage out against his will)Our brothers and sisters are so precious. They need the gospel! And I never realized until now how important members are in the conversion process. The missionaries are great, but we're different. Members are people like them and it helps so much for them to have a friend. So ask people you know if they're interested in the gospel! Ask the missionaries if they need you to go out with them! Pray for the Lord to show you how you can help accomplish His work. You're amazing. You're a child of God and there's great power in that!

I love you all so much!

Sister Peterson

P.S. transfers are this week but I'm staying in West Palm with Sister Garlick :)

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