Monday, August 22, 2016

Knocking in the ghettoest of ghettos

Dearest Family,

Don't be alarmed but your favorite missionary knocked in the ghettoest of ghettos on Monday. We definitely talked to a group of teenagers who were high. I'm sad to say that I can recognize the smell of weed now haha. God needed us there though, because the first person to let us in turned out to be a woman who was baptized years ago in Pennsylvania. Like three of her children and her husband were baptized as well, and she was super touched by the Spirit that was there as we talked with her. She kept saying, "Well, I guess God is trying to tell me something." You're not wrong, ma'am. So our bishop is thrilled to have another less active on our ward list haha. 

Remember how I'm super competitive but I'm not good at sports? Well we had a zone olympics last week and that came out. I try to hold myself back, but I really like to win stuff. We decided to represent Greece, but stupid Russia won. We got to see our zone leader do his own opening ceremonies and he sang the olympic theme so it was pretty legit.

Albert and James are doing SO WELL. I swear, every time we go to teach them they end up teaching us. I asked Albert to keep reading the Book of Mormon the other day, and he goes, "Is that a question?" all sassy. Oh Albert! He actually lost his job this week (a shock because that man is the hardest, most dedicated worker ever) but it's turned out to be a huge blessing. He hated his job but is not the kind of man who would ever quit, so now he's excited to be able to get more involved in church! He asked us how he could work with the youth, if he could go visit less active members with the elders quorum on Tuesdays, when the family history library is open. He's over the moon and God provided a way for him to get involved!

James cracks me up. Every time we go see him he asks if we're teaching anybody in his complex yet (because he wants to come teach with us). He keeps on us to do the work haha. And he told us all about this walked with wheels he's going to get so he can go out on Tuesday  night visits as well. What a champ!

Sister Garlick and I found the coolest little family to teach. Anthony and Jennifer just moved back to the US after living in the Arab Emirates for the last few years. Anthony requested a Book of Mormon online after talking to an LDS man somewhere, and kind of brushed us off when we delivered it. But when we went back this week he had lots of questions about it and he's really excited to learn more. We had a lesson with them and they both showed a lot of interest in having a living prophet and hearing him speak, and told us they'd feed us dinner next time we came by. Anthony grew up Methodist and had a lot of family problems growing up. Jennifer was raised Catholic and then realized she hated it haha. So now they're both excited to learn about a church that "has God in it." Anthony told us he's never let any "religion people" in his house before, but he let us in because he felt God there when we were at the door. God always sends us where he needs us, and when. It's the coolest thing!

Well, this has gotten a tad long and I don't want to bore you, so I guess I'll sign off. I love you all so much!

Sister Peterson <3

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