Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Florida, Land of the Sweaty

Wow! It's been a crazy crazy week. I arrived in Florida after a long day of flying. We left the MTC at 2:30, got to the airport about 3, and found out that Delta doesn't start checking bags until 4:45!! What? Come on MTC! So by the time I went to bed the next night I had been up for like 20 hours. You all know how much I hate sleeping, so it was pretty cool. Oh wait, that was someone else:) I've never slept so well in my life!

My trainer is Sister Garlick and she's from Layton. Her cousins went to WX so we actually have some mutual friends! Remember Anthony Mills? That's her cousin. She's really cute and fun. We laugh and have a grand old time knocking doors. We share an apartment with 2 Spanish sisters-it really weirded me out at first but now it's so fun! Sister Larson and Sister Quimbao (kim-bow) are so funny! Sister Larson is a lot like me so obviously she's pretty cool.

My first area is Palm Beach North! We have 4 companionships in my district-4 sisters and 4 elders. Elder Kiser is the district leader and he is CRAZY! He named our district "The Gr8 Gangs of Palm Beach" and always texts us to have a "dope" proselyting day. We all came  up with gang names for our companionship so ours is "Sass Squad." Not too bad, right? Pretty accurate for me anyway.

My mission has a very specific approach when we knock doors. First of all, we knock for at least an hour every single day, no exceptions. We ask to pray with the person, then we invite to baptism, then we invite to church. Pretty dang bold approach. When the APs told us on our first day that we did that I thought they were joking, but then they dropped us off on a street to try it and told us they'd be back in an hour. Sister Ricardo and I sort of panicked but I'm no quitter. Now that I knock so much with Sister Garlick I can see the power in approaching it this way. A lot of people say no, but some people pray with us and the Spirit is unbelievably strong! The Lord has prepared a lot of people to hear this message and even if they're not ready to hear it from us at least we can be part of their progression. Yesterday we asked someone if we could pray with her and she closed the door on us. When we were a few apartments away, she opened her door and called us back. She started to cry and basically told us her life story. It's crazy how much people open up to us as missionaries. When I prayed for her all 3 of us started crying a little-the Spirit was that strong! She didn't invite us back but I think she needed to feel God's love for her to give her some hope. I love being part of things like that!

We have a rule in the mission that if someone gets in a car accident and the damage is over $3000 every missionary bikes the next Thursday, so I got to bike my second day in the mission! It was a...sweaty experience haha. It was actually really fun but I haven't ridden a bike in forever so I did run into a fence in the first 5 minutes... My trainer's got her work cut out for her, man. But I actually really love missionary work and I'm so ready to learn so we're good. I'm not that bad, I promise.

Anyway, I'm loving Florida and trying my best to adjust to the heat and the humidity. Besides that and the insane drivers Florida is cool. It's so green! I see lots of crazy stuff here. Trees with branches growing down into the earth, giant iguanas (my comp and I like to chase them into the water because they belly flop haha), and the widest variety of people ever. I also tried a mango smoothie-it was sort of like drinking a smoothing and licking a man's face at the same time. Sooooo maybe mangoes aren't my favorite.

I love you all, you're in my prayers!!


Sister Peterson

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