Monday, July 25, 2016

Shiver Me Timbers

Dear Peeps (should I not say that as a missionary or as a person in general? Oh well),

I don't have a lot of time to write but so much happened this week!
We started teaching a woman named Betty who has two dogs and a cat that are basically from the movie Homeward Bound. Except their names are Patty, Casper, and Lots (oh Betty). The dogs are all over us the whole time and then her son comes in shirtless and starts questioning us about the Book of Mormon, so that's cool haha. She's nice, but we'll have to see how ready she is to receive the gospel. Some people are ready now and it's our job to find them!
We met with James to talk about the Plan of Salvation again and he jumped into this amazing testimony! He talked about how he can see the light that's in me and how peaceful and happy I am when I talk about Christ. He said he wants that and after searching for so long (he's basically been a member of every church in Florida) he's found it! Yes!!!! It was so sweet! His baptism is set for Saturday so pray that everything works out! It's his birthday today and he's spending it with us at FHE:) We called him this morning and when we were saying goodbye he said, "I love you girls!" Melted. my. heart. I love him!
Albert is still super solid-he's even driving James to FHE tonight! He told his wife he couldn't go to the circus because he was coming to the ward BBQ on Saturday. He's basically the coolest. And he stayed after and stacked all the chairs and just proved that he's extremely Christ-like. I love him so much!
This random lady we knocked into gave us like 5 boxes of clothes to donate. We carried them all inside then started planning. Well, I thought I dropped some water on my leg but IT WAS A SPIDER! I literally leaped out of my chair. Sister Garlick killed it and then I laid on the floor for a minute to recuperate. But on the bright side, there was this truly horrible tiger shirt in one of the boxes that I'm 100% keeping. Holla holla!
I can't even begin to say how much I love serving. It's so crazy all the time! I've never learned so much about Christ or our Heavenly Father. I love the people I serve so much! I just want to have James and Albert come with me my whole mission. They have so much light in them! The gospel has completely changed their countenances. They weren't bad people before, but now they're so happy. It's so beautiful to see. I feel so sad when people reject the gospel because I know how much happiness it brings! The gospel is so good, the church is so true, and God loves you so much! I do too!
Sister Peterson

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