Thursday, June 23, 2016

Two weeks down-holla holla!

I have so much to talk about this week! Everything on campus has been weird because 171 new mission presidents and 1400 new missionaries came in yesterday and Tuesday. They've turned the cafeteria into a conference center (because that's obviously the best place to put it?) so for the last week there's been no room for missionaries and we've all been sitting on the ground. Not my fav. I swear the food is getting worse here. I keep thinking my standards will lower than they feed us something that is not distinguishable as pork or chicken...Thank goodness for my awesome family taking care of me! I was so excited to get a package and some notes. Hearing from you is always a joy! But I digress-we're eating in the gym now, which is best described as a sweaty experience. Four more days peeps!
I got to be a host yesterday but before I could actually host any missionaries this guy asked me and Sister Ricardo to find a new missionary that flew in from China last night and help her get to all these travel offices. We took her to the missionary assistance office where they apparently provide wardrobes for some international missionaries and we met Spencer Von Jarret. He's in charge of the Provo office ordering and outfitting missionaries. Sister Li barely speaks any English but I somehow turned into a translator of sorts and was helping her communicate with Spencer. She's the sweetest person I've ever met! We got to take her to get an x-ray off campus and watched her try American granola bars and fruit snacks. Gosh she's cute! It was really fun to spend time with her.
My district members are now the senior missionaries so I'm a senior STL! What? I'm not saying I'm not qualified, I'm just saying I don't know anything. I love my zone though, so I try to help them. I'm so ready to leave the MTC! I'm tired of being in this place. I've grown a lot, but now I want to peace out! I really miss the district that left on Tuesday and now that they're gone I'm just itching to go to Florida! The only thing I'll miss about the MTC is going to the temple! Take advantage of the temple-it definitely strengthens my relationship with God every time I go!
Since BYU changed semesters this week we got new teachers. Brother Anderson looks exactly like Bumper from Pitch Perfect! He's a tad more spiritual though. 
I love you and miss you all so much!
Sister Peterson

The sisters in my district during the temple walk on Sunday

We all wore floral and it was not planned

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